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COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign – The Most Important Article To-date

The introduction to this article was posted last night on social media and the words are not an exaggeration – this is arguably the most important article I’ve written to-date respective to the fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic. I would encourage you to do two things – read this article in full and then watch the interview when you have more time. I’m saving you probably about an hour here and the transcription is paraphrased – more on that momentarily – and it’s entirely thorough. It stands as pseudo-transcription because for most of it I capture full direct or near full direct quotes; but for the purpose of keeping the information flowing for the reader’s sake, paraphrasing and formatting were required in what will end-up being about 12-14 hour project.

Dr. Martin’s testimony made it to me by means of a thoughtful reader who kindly sent it a few weeks ago – @Sanity2016 on Gab – and “my guy,” who also sent it along as likely sourced from Lin Wood’s Telegram feed.

This is David E. Martin, PhD and his company founded in 1998 is called MCAM International Risk Management. You’ll learn more about Dr. Martin and MCAM from Martin’ testimony. I will spend more time subsequent to this piece learning more about MCAM and Martin.

I’m hanging my hat on Dr. Martin for now because of the nature of his work and the preceding reputation of his outfit as it’s presented. Therein, his entire fact set can be evidenced by U.S. patents and patent law. Much like genetic evidence, this makes the evidence entirely reliable to the most robust evidentiary standard suitable for a court of law. From his fact set, we draw-down on monumentally important positions and confirmations of them.

I’m also hanging my hat on Dr. Martin because I established in the FIRST SECOND FOURTH FIFTH and SEVENTH articles [and others] of this massive series that patents and patent sharing agreements were foundational elements to the fraudulent COVID construct I’ve mapped-out in ways unparalleled in thoroughness, exclusivity and uniqueness.

In short, patents is where I started in all of this – being what set the original investigative vectors from which countless others emerged – so getting the confirmations in the same exact context is invaluable and brings us full-circle. The evidence of patents also arrives backed by the stringent nature of U.S. Patent Office and it presents in the public record for access to anyone.

Dr. Martin’s inherent value to the full body of Moonshine work is that it’s wholesale level confirmation of critical and fundamental positions across the board and by bridging Moonshine positions to tangible evidence – patent filings.

A Word of Caution Moving Forward

The nature of this matter is highly complex and it makes for very technical reading in addition to the complexity that is the fraudulent COVID construct itself. Moreover, it’s long – really long. It was a long interview.

It won’t be for everyone but yet again, that’s what makes this pandemic construct so effective. A recommendation is to perhaps read it more than once if things still remain unclear and the video doesn’t help.

This is also for the informed reader; especially for veteran Moonshiners because this article is not the place to recapitulate the entire backdrop or even part of it. We have to hit the ground running here.

On the Moonshine site alone, there are hundreds of articles, videos and graphics to underpin and explain all of this excruciating detail.

If this is your first sip of Moonshine, I’m hoping it won’t be your last and at a minimum, I recommend consuming these more recent and recapitulating articles while jumping off this cliff with Dr. Martin: ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN ELEVEN TWELVE THIRTEEN FOURTEEN FIFTEEN SIXTEEN SEVENTEEN EIGHTEEN NINETEEN. They’re listed chronologically and should be consumed with the first five linked above.

Like I said, this is better suited for the informed reader in addition to being highly technical, complex and long.

Here we go.

Confirmations From Dr. David Martin, PhD

What follows is a paraphrased transcription of Dr. Martin’s interview with Reiner Fuellmich on 09 Jul 21. It is linked at the bottom.

The paraphrased transcription is interlaced with Moonshine commentary and noted accordingly. It will also appear in […] brackets. As we move through the transcription, I’ll indicate the Moonshine positions accordingly and they serve to provide meaning and tiebacks.

To bring emphasis to Dr. Martin’s points, I’ll underscore them.

All of the following information is sourced directly from Dr. David E. Martin of MCAM International Risk Management except where and how Moonshine content appears as noted above.

From a corporate standpoint and since 1998, MCAM has been the world’s largest underwriter of intangible assets [things you can’t physically possess or touch like DNA genome sequencing, etc. – think intellectual property] used in finance in 168 countries; the majority of countries around the world.

MCAM’s underwriting systems include the entire corpus of all patents, patent applications, federal grants, procurement records, e-government records, etc.

Again, this is full circle for Moonshine work because 100% of our investigative vectors opened through the simple question of cui bono relative to Remdisivir, a Gilead Sciences drug identified as the first effective treatment of SARS-CoV-2. I simply cared to know more about whom stood to benefit from the treatment of this curiously timed outbreak as compounded by my initial suspicions and as almost laughably so as occurring between Christmas and New Years, when most of the Western World was recovering from one holiday in preparation for the next. I latched on immediately, have been working it since and it all began with patents.

MCAM has the ability to track what is happening and who is involved in what’s happening; and MCAM monitors a series of thematic interests for a variety of organizations, individuals and for MCAM’s own commercial use relative to three maintained global indices which are the top performing large cap and mid-cap equity indexes worldwide.

Recall that Moonshine work is heavily laden with private equity vectors and the evidence related to them. Specifically we have zeroed in on BlackRock and Vanguard Group and further, Moonshine traces overlaps of the DOJ, law firms and private equity all through the nebulous stolen election and more.

MCAM’s business is to monitor the innovation that’s happening around the world and specifically to monitor the economics of that innovation; and to the degree to which financial interests are being served, corporate interests are being dislocated, etc.

MCAM’s business is the business of innovation and its finance.

MCAM has reviewed the over 4,000 patents that have been issued around the SARS-CoV-2 virus doing a very comprehensive review of the financing of all the manipulations of coronavirus, which gave rise to SARS as a subclade of the beta coronavirus family.

In a critical document publicly available since spring 2020, MCAM took the actual reported gene sequence, which was reportedly isolated as a novel coronavirus indicated as such by the ICTV [International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses of the WHO] and reviewed the information against the patent records that were available as of spring 2020 finding over 120 patented pieces of evidence suggesting that the declaration of a novel coronavirus was actually entirely a fallacy.

This is a slight departure from Moonshine positioning given that we have established an actual release of a bio-WMD in an act of war relative to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus. No meaning is lost; however, as Dr. Martin will go on to explain why an actual outbreak was never even required – it’s as ordinary as programming a computer – and it bears down hard on other fundamental, pillar Moonshine positions; especially those for the PCR test respective to deliberately high cycle thresholds and this dynamic serving as the primary data driver [infection and mortality data harvested from co-morbidities (flu/pnumo, diabetes, heart disease and obesity)] for the fraudulent COVID construct.]

There was no novel coronavirus; there are countless very subtle modifications of coronavirus sequences that have been uploaded. There was no single identified novel coronavirus at all.

Understand what Martin is saying because it’s the same thing I’ve been reminding of – they never isolated the SARS-CoV-2 gene sequence relative to the PCR test and therefore a wide spectrum of pathogens would trigger false positives and this is in addition to the faulty cycle thresholds, which do the exact same thing – produce false positives in abundance. They deliver needed data in spades. They drive the pandemic of fraudulent data.

MCAM found records within the patent records of gene sequences attributed to novelty that were going to patents that were sought as early as 1999.

Martin is extending our timeline back to 1999 – there’s nothing new or novel about SARS-CoV-2 or the reality of this fraudulent pandemic.

Not only was this not a novel anything, it’s actually not been novel for over two decades.

Up until 1999, the topic of coronavirus vis-a-vis the patenting activity around coronavirus was uniquely applied to veterinary sciences.

The first vaccine ever patented for coronavirus was actually sought by Pfizer. The application for the first coronavirus vaccine was specifically for the S-spike protein, which is the exact same thing for which we have allegedly rushed into invention.

The first application was filed 28 Jan 00; 21 years ago. Therefore, the idea that we mysteriously stumbled upon the way to intervene with vaccines is not only ludicrous but it’s incredulous.

Timothy Miller, Sharon Klatfer, Albert Paul Reid and Elaine Jones on 28 Jan 00 filed what ultimately was issued as U.S. patent 6372224, which was the spike protein virus vaccine for the canine coronavirus, which is one of the multiple forms of coronavirus.

The early work up until 1999 was largely focused in the area of vaccines for animals whereby Ralph Baric’s work with rabbits at the University of North Carolina and the rabbit cardio myopathy that is associated with significant problems among rabbit breeders, and canine coronavirus in Pfizer’s work, to identify how to develop S-protein spike target candidates giving rise to the obvious evidence that says that neither the coronavirus concept of a vaccine nor the principle of the coronavirus itself as a pathogen of interest with with respect to the spike protein’s behavior is anything novel at all. As a matter of fact, it’s 22 years old based upon patent files.

Moonshine work has covered Baric’s and UNC’s involvement extensively and through filed patents we have unequivocal evidence of forethought for a fraudulent pandemic with Baric and Fauci in partnership as you’ll see next and as linking back to his previously established and controversial HIV work and which also envelops a whole host of others we’ve also identified.

More problematic and egregious is that Anthony Fauci and the NIAD found the malleability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccines. Therefore, SARS is actually not a natural progression of a zoonotic modification of coronavirus.

Rather and very specifically, in 1999 as per a patent application filed 19 Apr 02, Anthony Fauci funded research at UNC Chapel Hill (Ralph Baric) specifically to create “an infectious replication defective coronavirus that was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium.” In other words, we made SARS and we patented it on 19 Apr 02 before any alleged Asian outbreak, which followed several months later.

That patent was issued as U.S. patent 7279327 and clearly lays-out in very specific gene sequencing the fact that we knew that the Ace-2 receptor, the Ace-2 binding domain, the S-1 spike protein and other elements associated with SARS were not only engineered but could be synthetically modified in the laboratory using nothing more than gene sequencing technologies taking computer code and turning it into a pathogen or an intermediate of the pathogen.

Every bit of what Fauci, et al and the legacy media has told us about these components as if they were “news” or novel, represents the witting commission of fraud under RICO. All of the information was decades old and known.

This is old from spring of 2020.

That technology was funded exclusively in the early days as a means by which we could actually harness coronavirus as a vector to distribute HIV vaccine.

MCAM was asked to monitor biological and chemical weapons treaty violations in the very early days of 2000 remembering the September 2001 anthrax events serving as part of an investigation that gave rise to the congressional inquiry into the anthrax origins and unusual activity around a potential anthrax drug treatment by Bayer; and throughout the fall of 2001, MCAM began to monitor an enormous number of bacterial and viral pathogens that were being patented through NIH, NIAID, U.S. AMRID [military] and a number of other collaborating international agencies.

MCAM’s concern was not only coronavirus being seen as a manipulable agent for potential use as a vaccine vector but it was also very clearly being considered as a biological weapon candidate.

MCAM’s first report of this occurred prior to the SARS outbreak in the latter part of 2001.

Importantly, remember that coronavirus is a circulating pathogen inside of the established viral model with a sequence of proteins that have circulated for a very long time; it is not new to the human condition or the last two decades; and after the alleged SARS outbreak in China in 2002-2003, it gave rise to a very problematic April 2003 filing by the U.S. CDC.

In addition to filing the entire gene sequence for what became the SARS coronavirus, which is a violation of U.S. Code 35-101, you can not patent a naturally occurring substance; meaning that if a patent is filed and the substance isn’t natural ergo it was man-made ergo it was bioengineered or bioweaponized, it will be disqualified.

The U.S. Code 35-101 violation was U.S. patent 7220852, which also had a series of derivative patents associated with it and these are patent applications that were broken apart because they were of multiple patentable subject matter.

These patents include U.S. patent 46592703p [this is the CDC provisional patent filing and there is not a valid record under this patent number with the U.S. government; however, it was found cited in other articles] and 776521, which covered the gene sequence of SARS coronavirus and the means of detecting it using RTPCR.

This is problematic because if one owns for both the patent on the gene and for the detection of it there is a cunning advantage in controlling 100% of the providence of not only the virus itself but also its detection thus providing entire scientific and message control.

This is critical because it supports Moonshine positions that the constructed fraudulent pandemic contains redundant system controls that permit its facilitators to make the pandemic appear and disappear whenever and however desired.

This patent was sought by the CDC and was justified as enabling widespread research into coronavirus but this is an outright lie because the patent was twice rejected saying the virus was un-patentable because the gene sequence was already in the public domain.

Prior to the CDC’s patent filing, the U.S. Patent Office found 99.9% identity with the already existing coronavirus in the public domain. Then, over the rejection of the patent examiner and after paying an appeal fine in 2006 and 2007, the CDC overrode the patent office’s rejection of their patent and ultimately in 2007 got the patent on SARS coronavirus.

On the Moonshine timeline and as explained in Dangerously Changing Inconvenient Rules, one of several articles that caught the eye of Lin Wood, this CDC override is important because it abuts to Obama’s first term in January 2009 and the executive order that George W. Bush handed him relative to U.S. biocontainment systems and the resulting moratorium on gain of function research; and what we identify as the Monaco memo that mandated a biosecurity stand-down at U.S. biocontainment facilities. Moonshine posits that the stand-down permitted the off-shoring of GOF work to the WIV in Wuhan.

This translates to every CDC public statement made pertaining to this being in the public interest is falsifiable by its own paid “bribe” to the patent office. This is not something subtle and even worse, they paid an additional fee to keep their application private.

Critically important is that “fact-checkers” have said that the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is distinct from the CDC patent. In looking at the gene sequence contained in the CDC’s filings in 2003, 2005 and 2006, identity is found in the range of 89-99% in the gene sequence overlaps in what is called the novel subclade of SARS-CoV-2.

The core designation of SARS coronavirus, which is the clade of the beta coronavirus family, and the subclade of SARS-CoV-2 have to overlap from a taxominate point of view. Translated, this means you can’t have a SARS designation without it first being SARS.

This renders the “fact-checking” beyond the literal credibility of the published sequences and beyond credulity relative to the ICTV taxonomy because it clearly states that it is a subclade of the clade of SARS coronavirus.

On the problematic date of 28 Apr 03, 3 days after the CDC filed the patent on the SARS coronavirus, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, which was established in Maryland, filed a patent on antiviral agents in treatment and control of infections by coronavirus.

Sequoia Pharmaceuticals and ultimately Ablynx Pharmaceuticals became rolled into the proprietary holdings [private equity] of Pfizer, Crucell and Johnson & Johnson.

The obvious and logical question becomes how one could have a patent on both the disease and the treatment with only 3 days in between?

U.S. patent number 7151163 issued to Sequoia Pharmaceuticals has another problem, which is that it was issued and published before the CDC patent on coronavirus was actually allowed. This completely and fully precludes anyone outside of the patent holders from accessing the information remembering that the CDC had paid to keep its information private in addition to standing completely antithetical to its state purpose for filing the patent.

It is impossible to patent a thing that treats a thing that had not been published because the CDC had paid to keep it secret.

This is the precise definition of criminal conspiracy, racketeering and collusion – violations under the RICO statute – and it’s not theoretical but established with demonstrable and irrefutable evidence. It’s unequivocally FRAUD as I’ve been stating and evidencing beginning immediately after the COVID-19 was first publicly identified on 27 Dec 19 [an unparalleled catalog of hundreds and hundreds of articles, graphics and videos.]

RICO, criminal conspiracy and fraud is where we have hung the Moonshine hat with absolute fidelity.

Created January 2021

This draws down on our continued examination and application of compartmentalization within the bedrock of our COVID work. Compartmentalization is, of course, a hallmark indicator of fraud and it’s layered and identified all throughout our COVID construct work.

You can’t have information in the future inform a treatment for a thing that did not exist.

The RICO pattern was first established in April 2003 for the first coronavirus and was played-out to exactly the same schedule when we see SARS-CoV-2 appear coinciding with Moderna getting the spike protein sequence by phone from the Vaccine Research Center at NIAID prior to the definition of the novel subclade [identifying a product of a virus not yet being identified.]

How do you treat a thing before you actually have the thing?

On 05 Jun 08 and as coinciding with DARPA’s active interest in coronavirus as a biological weapon, Ablynx – now a part of Sanofifiled a series of patents that specifically targeted what we’ve been told is the novel feature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Specifically they targeted the polybasic cleavage site for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and Ace-2 receptor binding domain, which is allegedly novel to SARS-CoV-2 and all of that was patented on 05 Jun 08.

In sequence, those patents were issued between 24 Nov 15 and 2016, 2017 and 2019 [not in 2018]. In 2015, U.S. patent 9193780 came out after the gain of function moratorium referenced in Moonshine article Dangerously Changing Inconvenient Rules providing the impetus to off-shore the work to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. It also came-out after the MERS outbreak in the Middle East.

Subsequently in 2016, 2017 and 2019 we have a series of patents all covering the RNA strands and the subcomponents of the gene strands and they were all issued to Ablynx and Sanofi. Crucell, Rubius Therapeutics, Children’s Medical Corporation [information not identifiable] and countless others like Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich, Protein Science Corporation, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, University of Iowa, University of Hong Kong, Chinese National Human Genome Center in Shanghai all identifying in patent filings ranging from 2008-2017 every attribute that was allegedly uniquely published in the single reference publication for the novel bat coronavirus reveals natural insertions of the S-1, S-2 cleavage site of the spike protein and possible recombinant-3 origin the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In the paper routinely used to identify the SARS-CoV-2, if you take what they assert to be novel, there are 73 patents issued between 2008-2019, which have the elements that were allegedly novel in the SARS-CoV-2 and specifically as it relates to the polybasic cleavage site, Ace-2 binding domain and the spike protein.

Again, this ties back to Moonshine’s critical timeline of Obama’s first term through the most important time span in contemporaneous American history – mid January 2017.

Remember, the outbreak was first reported publicly on 27 Dec 19 before later being backdated to 17 Nov 19.

The net effect is that there was no outbreak of SARS because we had engineered all of the elements of that and by 2016, the paper that was funded during the gain of function moratorium and written by Ralph Baric at UNC and said the SARS coronavirus was poised for human emergence and patented for commercial exploitation.

In 2015 [and reported 12 Feb16] in a statement made by Peter Daszak [Eco-Health Alliance], he said, “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pancoronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.

Moonshine has covered Daszak and his importance in detail and those articles have been linked for you above. Additionally, this ties back to our Donald J. Trump identifiers – BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA & BIG MONEY.

Daszak was the independent corroborator of the Chinese non-lab leak theory [COVID narrative] understanding that there was no lab leak, but rather and as Moonshine reported in early May of 2020, it was an act of war by means of releasing a bio-WMD in the throes of an undeclared, irregular and asymmetrical third world war.

Specifically, it was an intentional weaponization of spike proteins to inject into people to get them addicted to a pancoronavirus vaccine.

This bears down on another fraud indicator in how the construct will require vaccine recipients to receive lifetime boosters or something similar given the indicator of “addicted to.” That would seem to be the logical avenue. It’s reasonable to believe it was bio-engineered so as to detrimentally impact the recipient’s immune system efficacy without the boosters thus creating immune system dependency. The degree to which that could seriously and negatively impact ones health is significant.

This also bears down on old and now-deleted but archived tweets repeatedly asking if Fauci was nothing more than a snake-oil style vaccine salesman. It weaves through Moonshine reporting, too.

It all has nothing to do with an outbreak and all investigations into the lab-leak theory are nothing more than red herrings.

Again, Moonshine was on-point and first with COVID as a fraudulent political construct just as the act of war was identified back in early May 2020. Martins’ patent information delivers high-order confirmations here.

Proving that there was never a release of anything, U.S. patent 7279327 – the one on the recombinant nature of the lung-targeting coronavirus – was transferred mysteriously from Ralph Baric’s UNC to the NIH in 2018. The problem is that under the Bayh Dole Act the U.S. government already has what is called a ‘march in right provision’ meaning U.S. paid for research entitles them to benefit from the research a their demand [meaning the transfer wasn’t needed.] So then, why in 2017 and 2018 did the NIH suddenly have to take ownership of the patent to which it already had rights?

This is consistent with Moonshine positions on the bioweaponization of SARS-CoV-2 for nefarious purposes. Martin slants in a different direction as informed by the patent filings to which Moonshine is now becoming privy. This will require some adjustment to our positions as we have referenced other sources citing details of how the release was executed. The veracity of Martin’s testimony here may require these revisions. No matter because no meaning is lost from our broader positions but rather this represents a slight departure at most.

Moreover, why did they need to file a certificate of correction [due to a typo] to ensure it was all enforceable by law?

On the single patent required to develop the Vaccine Research Institute’s mandate, it was indicated that the patent was shared between UNC and Moderna, both in November 2019, and NIAID to begin the sequencing of a spike protein vaccine; occurring a month before the outbreak [27 Dec 19 as Moonshine has long reported.]

Dr. Martin then verifies his possession of all evidence in support of his fact sets.

The script [presumably but not specifically mentioned – context edited out] for the COVID pandemic was written by Merck in 06 Jan 04 at a conference called ‘SARS and Bioterrorism.

Event 201 as previously and routinely covered by Moonshine bears down here exactly as I described it then in colloquial terms – Event 201 was pre-game warm-up for COVID-19.

Moonshine dedicates much time talking about social programming and the degree of American idiocy that permits it since independent and critical thinking is rare these days. Therein, it was Merck that coined “the new normal,” which became the language of the branded COVID campaign as I’ve referenced copiously.

In March of 2019, Moderna was aware that relative to the development of the COVID vaccine, it was going to be queued up to the front of the line. Recall that the initial outbreak date, later revised to 17 Nov 19, was 27 Dec 19; some 9 months later.

One of two independent epidemiologists consulted by Moonshine has evidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus stateside in October 2019 and that is our understanding of the actual outbreak timing as per the existing body of Moonshine work. Dr. Martin’s testimony slants the “outbreak” in an obviously new direction but in ways so as not to alter our fundamental positions at all. A slight veer, if you will as described above.

Also in March of 2019, a series of rejected patent filings were amended and described as a very bizarre behavior. The amended filings were such that a “deliberate release” of coronavirus be included in the filing.

There were 4 failed patent applications amended to begin the process of a coronavirus vaccine development program and they began dealing with a significant problem of relying upon technology they did not own.

Two Canadian companies – Arbutus Pharmaceuticals and Acuitas Pharmaceuticals actually own the patent on the lipid nanoparticle envelope that’s required to deliver the injection of the mRNA fragment.

The respective patents have been issued in Canada, in the U.S. and around the world and in their world intellectual property equivalents.

Again, Moonshine’s initial investigative vectors on vaccine patent and patent-sharing agreements bear down with full might here.

Moderna knew it didn’t own the rights and entered negotiations with Abbutus and Acuitas to resolve the patent issues and permit the technology to be put into a vaccine.

From 2016-2019 at every one of the NIAID’s Advisory Counsel board meetings, Fauci lamented that he couldn’t find a way to get people to accept the universal influenza vaccine, which was his favorite target [objective.]

Circling back to bear down here are the amended patent filings above that were augmented to include a deliberate [“accidental”] release as the circumvention of Fauci’s problem – a public reluctant to embrace mass vaccination. Fauci’s quote, “It’s the fear of the unknown which causes the panic” is emblematic of how the circumvention will be “fear porn” disseminated by a complicit and witting legacy media. Look and listen around you.

Making that problematic is that the amended filing contained direct language from the book ‘A World at Risk,’ which was the scenario put together by the [Chinese controlled] WHO in September 2019; months before 27 Dec 19. It called for a global coordinated experience of a respiratory pathogen release, which by September 2020 must put in place as a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control and the acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate.

Dr. Martin confirms that for the Ace-2 receptor targeting mechanism for SARS-CoV-2, there are 117 preexisting patents.

It’s pointed out that back in 2008 and by declaration, the WHO stated coronavirus had been eradicated so why is there now a mandate to expand vaccine development? Moonshine work would support the notion of this being cover – call it eradicated and folks will lose focus and move on while you continue to work on it in the backdrop; even off-shoring it to China’s WIV.

Coronavirus was a highly malleable bioweapon and by 2005, the preferred one. There is no vaccination for a virus but rather an injection of a spike protein mRNA sequence, which is an artificial computer simulation that’s not derived from nature of a sequence known and patented since for years.

Evidence demonstrates that none of the research is targeting the virus, but rather the vaccine meaning the objective is getting the people to accept widespread [vaccination] injection of the known-to-be dangerous S-1 spike protein.

When the patent office rejected Fauci’s own synthetic mRNA vaccines published in patent filings, the Patent Office stated, “These arguments… is [are] not persuasive with regards to a vaccine.”

The take away is that Fauci’s mRNA vaccines didn’t meet the patent, legal or clinical standard for what a vaccine is.

Dr. Martin reminds us that he first raised these issues back in 2002 in the aftermath of the anthrax scare.

During Q&A and respective to a question about the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, Martin confirms that there are 40,000 or more coronavirus strains on record. Moreover, the Alpha, Beta, etc. variant names are fictitious creations serving the purpose that Moonshine outlined long ago – they are coercive levers existing in the context of the broader construct to leverage people; or “fear porn.

There is no clinical evidence anywhere indicating that the Delta variant is in any way uniquely distinct from anything else – there is no novel anything.

Again, this is entirely evidencing broad and fundamental Moonshine positions respective to the mid-April shift and the role of the variant as levers within the redundant systems of control contained in the fraudulent construct.

In the amended Ralph Baric filing, the SAR-CoV-2 virus is indicated as an artificial sequence with no rule base in nature. Every one is a synthetic artificial sequence and moreover, the sequences are contiguous and overlap and the fragmentary examination of the sequences as capriciously determined. Summarily, Martin tells us there is no exact known gene sequence for SARS-CoV-2 and that finding it has been elusive [unattainable.] Respective to the patent filings, the full sequence is never provided – just fragments of it – and moreover, where and how you examine the fragments allows the examiner to steer the findings.

Martin touches on something no one talks about but Moonshine and that’s the predication for the national emergency declaration. Why? Because I can undo it with the CDC’s own data. Undo that and you undo all of COVID – the whole fraudulent pandemic disintegrates.

There would be no legal impetus behind issuing guidelines, mitigations, the enforcement of them and for the authorization of mRNA “vaccines” or anything else. The entire house of cards comes tumbling down. Been screaming it for a year and half.

Martin says that there is no single standard for the gene sequence relative to the predication meaning as he and I have both said, the more you look for something the more you find it [look back up at the first graphic atop the column of images above this paragraph] because there is no single sequence fragment to be found. I normally state this as the virus having never been isolated relative to PCR testing.

In short and because of the fragmentary examination of the contiguous and overlapping gene sequences, where you decide to start and stop examining the fragments works to provide the examiner the capacity to decide what he finds. In other words, look where you want and make it what you want. Like making a fake pandemic.

Moreover and as I’ve outlined times and times over, the PCR test bears down with full might to deliver the pandemic construct data driver – the newly minted “new cases” that replaced the conventional standard of mortality data that was in decline when the shift was made mid-April 2020 and as diagrammed above.

These below are very old and they’ve aged like fine wine.

Dr. Martin references the now disappeared influenza [see the short video below and hold on to the end to hear the Fauci quote about FEAR] overlapping our position on harvesting infection and mortality data from co-morbidities [flu/pneumo, heart disease, diabetes and obesity] to drive the pandemic construct stating that COVID is the contingency for the same approach to the flu and the flu shot. They just changed the pathogen.

This was not a public crisis. This was an opportunistic marketing campaign to address a stated objective.


For the gazillionth time and long, long, long before anyone else save Dr. Martin and most certainly so, COVID-19 is entirely a pandemic of fraudulently propagated data. That we get to confirm it within the same context of its origins – undeniable patent evidence of the highest order evidentiary standards suitable for a court of law – makes the Moonshine effort all worth the while. 14 hours was the final count for this article.

The entire pandemic is fraudulent and the threats nonexistent – just as Moonshine has been hollering for over a year and a half. Please, America and for the sake of us all, listen.

Broken record played. Dead horse kicked.

Dr. Martin is my kind of guy and his evidence and presentation of it are the sort I crave. Thank you, sir.

I highly recommend viewing the entire Dr. Martin interview.



  1. Taffy53 July 24, 2021

    Well done, sir! Above and beyond your usual excellent standard. Thank you!

  2. Wolf Moon July 24, 2021

    This is getting down to where the massive, global scale of monetary interest is involved. This article is changing my view of motivations very quickly. The scale of the fraud is hard to even take in at once.

  3. Levite (@Levitieh) July 25, 2021

    I have read and understood but I still have a question, was all this really about money?

    • Badseed August 10, 2021

      I think it is really about power and control.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      No. It’s about an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war against the U.S. and all Americans. Money is the gravy on top for the traitors that sold us out.

  4. TheSilentMajority July 27, 2021

    It wasn’t only about money, although the money is a huge part of it.
    It’s also about the power & control. It was to give them the chance to change the world into what “they” want it to be.
    If American’s were to hand over their guns, they would have “Checkmate”.

    • Wolf Moon July 27, 2021

      Agreed! Different motivations for different players in a conspiracy, with deception rampant between players within the alliance. but unity in saving each other from justice. “La Cosa Nostra”.

  5. Wolf Moon July 27, 2021

    Gotta thank Moonshine for making me see this as a fraud construct. It just changes everything. We can actually call out and logically question their fraud-fulfilling metrics, reporting, and “bad science” in real time.

    I’m overwhelmed with reporting coming in that just checks the box. Here’s the latest:

    Pure fraud EXACTLY as we now understand. Not just “bad science” – FRAUD.

  6. Dawn July 28, 2021

    Although long and filled with big words 😉 this has made it clear to me just “how” this plandemic is nothing but a fraud. It has answered a lot of questions for me. As a first time reader I offer my thanks and gratitude for the time you have clearly spent on this project. I will be one who absolutely not be getting that jab or any other!
    I am excited to read on…

  7. Enoch July 31, 2021

    No. This was about control. Money is secondary and only helps to further enhance their about to control the rest of us.

  8. L V October 2, 2021

    First article I have read on this site. Wow. Sherlock Holmes level. I’d label this one, “The Adventure of The Creeping Man”. Take a 💉. A drug to gain rejuvenation, health, and prowess. And become a monkey. A trained monkey. Controlled by the Fauci type that gave the drug lying about everything, the addiction, the effects, and the outcome. A tribute to: Creepy Joe. Just analogous. To me.

    Thanks for cracking the case. Presenting the evidence. Sherlock had his morphine and cocaine. This sleuth has: moonshine.

  9. […] Moderna’s suit against Pfizer and BioNTech draws Wilson Sonsini into the picture via a Canadian pharmaceutical company called Arbutus. Arbutus is critical to the COVID-19 construct for reasons covered in detail while examining and reporting on Dr. David E. Martin’s corpus of work into the existing 40,000 U.S. patent filings pertaining to the bioengineered SARS-CoV-2 virus. From the 24 Jul 21 Moonshine article: […]

  10. Dan February 1, 2023

    “the idea that we mysteriously stumbled upon the way to intervene with vaccines is not only ludicrous but it’s incredulous.”

    An idea cannot be “incredulous.” It might be “incredible.”

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