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CAUGHT IN TRAFFIC – A Simple Lesson to Understand Leverage in the COVID-19 Enslavement Construct and Precisely Why It Will Work

Beginning with a brief sidebar that will make more sense later on relative to our title, last night I returned home from an 8-day, 62-hour round trip on the road from the Pacific Northwest to my mom’s home in the fairly deep South. It was to deal with some family business. The driving occurred on two consecutive days in and out and with four days in between. With that said, I’ve always believed that the collective state of driving is a benchmark of where our society stands and how well it functions.

This was the first proper cross-country road trip I’ve taken since 2007; not including road trips to ski in Canada, Idaho and other places. The experience was enlightening and explanatory in critical ways relative to our society writ large. I’ll spare you the profanity laden rants I sent last night to a couple of folks in the backdrop of Moonshine.

In short, the act of driving encompasses spaces that are entirely community occupied and operated; by all of society. They are the streets and roadways. Regardless of race, religion, color or creed – or [unfortunately] driving ability – we share it all and every day and it’s entirely up to us to make it work.

The roads are a complete shit show just like everything else and it’s fully emblematic of the broader status quo that we have permitted to occur on our watch: semis will run you off the road at 90 m.p.h. with with an abrupt lane change to preserve their momentum heading uphill at the same time ass-hats sit parked in the passing lane rolling under the limit. I, I, I, me, me, me.

Things have changed since 2007 and it wasn’t real good then; some for the better – like reasonable speed limits – and some for the worse – like what follows.

I’m a plus-10 guy (m.p.h.) on primary roadways, highways and interstates [not on neighborhood and city streets or side roads] because it puts a driver in a position to be efficient while remaining respectful to speed limits and law enforcement.

I suppose I was clocked at plus-10 somewhere around 50 or more times on the round-trip and no LEO even sniffed at pulling me over. Moreover, when I see them, I don’t panic, jam on my brakes and jump into the right lane. The hay is in the barn at that point and if they want you they have you. Rather, I just stay at speed and keep rolling as a courteous and signalling driver.

Moreover and even with fully marked cars traveling ahead and in the right or middle lane, I just pass on by respectfully above the limit and get on my way. I never presume to know the business behind why they’re cruising in those lanes at the exact speed limit or slower. The LEO may be running plates on the rig in front of him while he’s riding tailgate or perhaps he is running speed on folks and including me. It matters not.

With plenty of buddies who are LEOs and a dad (deceased) who retired from his local Sheriff’s department [at that time] as a Sergeant, I suppose it’s as simple as saying that I simply don’t fear the police choosing instead to have a healthy respect for them.

Driving then becomes a sort of tug of war with law enforcement and tickets on one end and making good and efficient time on the other. The objective becomes keeping the middle of the rope over and within the bounds of respectful. I have that at plus-10.

Plus-10 and everyone wins.

It also helps to understand how LEOs operate beyond movies, TV and the such.

Back to this notion of driving, the crux of the issue is that many driving individuals prioritize themselves above all else and including the unwritten rules of the road; the norms, if you will. The most glaring example is the passing lane scenario and whereby in many states, these left lane actions are also deemed unlawful.

Nothing would please me more than seeing a Trooper roll-up hard on a long line of backed-up passing lane traffic; with rigs peeling out of it like a banana, only to see the Trooper target and pull over the dumb-ass on point and impeding everyone else. Bravo, sir. Bravo, ma’am.

These abhorrent left lane inhabitants are either ignorant [not properly educated], stupid [means what it says but different than ignorant], or simply don’t care about the concepts of the passing lane. So then, selfish, ignorant and/or apathetic people entirely or mostly unaware of their surroundings park themselves in the passing lane and drive at or BELOW THE POSTED LIMIT and refusing to move over thus forcing middle and right lane passes. That requires the reasonable person looking to get on his way to assume unnecessary risk that also can put others at risk.

So, all of that to just get by and on ones way. It’s insane how bad it’s gotten as these dipshits literally sit and block all traffic behind them for MILES AND MILES AND MILES and obliviously or apathetically so. Rinse repeat for the entire trip. Digressing.

A society simply can’t function properly like this. Not unless the people in it understand and adhere to everything that makes it work, like respect for others, reciprocity in actions, being considerate of others, etc. and as with society, driving is fully emblematic of it all. It’s kind of like a litmus test.

The rush hour traffic volume excuse is mostly irrelevant, too, save anomalies like disabled vehicles, accidents, etc. So that’s no excuse.

Here is a perfect example of high volume running with exact precision at high speed and they aren’t even people capable of higher-intelligence. I reluctantly say ‘higher intelligence’ because for some of these folks, it would be debatable.

If fish are capable, what about humans? [Starts at :56]

That’s what it looks like when high volume moves at pace and with precision; and it doesn’t take higher intelligence per se but rather common knowledge [instincts], understanding and purpose. As humans of said higher intelligence, we mix in respect and reciprocity for good measure. These are universal to societies and don’t require any formal or complicated education rather they are basic human nature attributes that everyone is capable fo doing but which appear to have been programmed out of us. I, I, I, me, me, me.

To taste how and why today’s American society has devolved into heap of feeble-mindedness and buffoonery incapable of critical and independent thinking, hop in your rig and take a cross-country road trip. It’s a direct reflection of how this feeble-mindedness can permit believing in a fake pandemic, wearing unhealthy masks that don’t work and allowing themselves to being conned into accepting and acquiescing to a corrupt, criminal, illegitimate and Chinese proxy Biden administration.

It’s utter and outright “cluelessness” and it doesn’t take much to fool that.

The feeble mind knows no bounds.

The experience was really fully representative of how bad things have gotten and it pitches upward the slope of our already uphill battle in redressing our societal ills of which there are many.

Let’s get to brass tacks in this article and what follows is as monumentally important as it was specifically outlined and prognosticated months ago. I’m also going to tie it right back to traffic and in ways to make you think long and hard about the reality of things.

Today I’m going to confirm our prediction of EXACTLY HOW and WHY the Biden Administration is sacking China with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and aligning with the China/Wuhan Institute of Virology leak theory.

Make no mistake about it. This is 100% China’s call and for a very good reason as already explained.

Now, Joe Biden has delivered the evidence directly.

We’ll step back to get started and this will be easier to follow for veteran Moonshiners than new folks.

Fauci’s Pivot Back Out of COVID-19

We’ll begin with Fauci’s pivot back out of COVID-19, which I outlined in an article back in November of 2020. If you are unfamiliar with that article or its contents, you may care to consume it fully for a proper and deeper understanding of the important context it provides.

If you go to read it, you’ll see right away that it was written after the election when I believed the evidence suggested that years-old and known election integrity matters were most certainly accounted for. Never did I think we’d get past inauguration and neither did these miscreants – they were caught-out with that.

Could they have have entrapped themselves? Perhaps, so.

I’ve already owned that busted timeline call on several occasions, too. It’s why I try to avoid them rather preferring to stick to sequence regardless of timing.

Here’s the important part from that article,

It is patently demonstrable and irrefutable that they literally harvested COVID infection and mortality data from co-morbidities and I proved that with the first rounds of infection and mortality data dating back to February. It matters not to these miscreants. Whether it be climate data, sufficient votes or desired levels of infection and mortality, they simply harvest the data they need from elsewhere and then present if fraudulently. Old dogs and old tricks.

It is patently demonstrable and irrefutable that they literally harvested COVID infection and mortality data from co-morbidities and I proved that with the first rounds of infection and mortality data dating back to February. It matters not to these miscreants. Whether it be climate data, sufficient votes or desired levels of infection and mortality, they simply harvest the data they need from elsewhere and then present if fraudulently. Old dogs and old tricks.

Perhaps the subtle point here, which underpins this entire position, is this. If you are beginning to reverse and pivot back out of the COVID construct on the assumption of a Biden inauguration and you care to see the President you’re installing hit the ground running with momentum for a viable first term, the logical play for political optics is to simply ride the Trump administration’s historic vaccination successes by leveraging them to justify and support driving the data back in the opposite direction from which it was stolen.

Political Moonshine

Within an hour of Joe Biden’s early inauguration the CDC/WHO immediately returned the PCR testing cycle threshold values back to conventional standards in the 17-25 range; noting that anything higher causes false positive results in abundance. In other words, they directly maneuvered to drive the data back in the opposite direction just as predicted and within an hour of inauguration. Tell me that’s accidental and I’ll offer you a beautiful ocean-front property in Arkansas that is a screaming deal.

This cycle threshold/PCR test dynamic is a pillar position in our COVID-19 fraud platform.

Another pillar position is easily identifiable in this diagram below of the construct for the criminal predict relative to RICO statute. It was prepared last January and it’s basically a blueprint for the fraud construct demonstrating how it operates and flows. In particular, we note the role of the NVSS and its diagnostic memos understanding that we’ll get into some more detail momentarily.

It will also bring us to our first news item with which we’ll pick-up with below the image.

You can see above that the Fauci cohort compartmentalized the curation of the harvested co-morbidity data [the needed data driver for the fraud construct] with medical providers writ large thus providing a firewall between themselves and the data they leverage for issuing wittingly fraudulent COVID guidelines and mitigations. There is a reason I always reference RICO.

In particular, the CDC indicates that there are 63 hospitals that provide the bulk of the data and I’d like to see a list of all 63 along with their federal funding dollars respective to all other hospitals. What might those numbers look like?

Therein, the NVSS is the lever, tool or mechanism to facilitate that data curation. It does so by generating the protocols for making diagnoses [literally advising medical providers as to how to arrive at and report a diagnosis.]

The construct is even financially incentivized – see the diagrammed incentives for COVID diagnoses v. non-COVID diagnoses respective to federal dollar amounts; in addition to the amount generated by every ventilator application. Of course, baked-in financial incentivizing is another hallmark indicator of fraud.

Remember, people don’t normally assume risk and wittingly or unwittingly commit fraud unless gain is to be had; hospitals included.

Biden Situated

So, if the Biden administration were being situated to enjoy a remarkable post-Inauguration Day recovery from COVID-19, the cycle threshold relative to the PCR test would have to be returned to conventional standards. This means that the same faulty-by-design PCR tests that generated all of the testing data and delivered the pandemic could then be leveraged to deliver it back in the opposite direction. The one we’re seeing now.

In so doing and as a measure in false veracity, it also permits them to cite the exact same data sources – the PCR testing result statistics and whereas the PCR test was never designed to render a specific diagnosis; especially one for which the viral strain was never isolated.

“See, look at our tests. It went away.” They didn’t even wait for an hour to pass by before changing it within the first. It’s all detestably laughable as much as it is fodder for feeble-minded cowards afraid of challenging their own conventions.

This is a problem for them, though. If they give up the cycle threshold manipulation lever, they stand to lose the grip on the most significant societal control system the planet has ever seen; and one devised to control every single aspect of life. This makes system redundancy critical.

So, like typical bureaucrats, they bury technical language in technical bulletins that the layman likely doesn’t know exist and likely won’t ever find; much less read.

Like with a plane, the COVID construct has redundancy built into it its control systems to account for possible losses of those systems. We also call them contingencies when some are prioritized over them. This solves their problem.

The series of NVSS diagnostic memos is another pillar for our fraud platform because the NVSS represents an incredibly efficient way to control important factors and components that can make the pandemic appear, disappear and reappear immediately, whenever and wherever. It’s also the redundant control system relative to the cycle threshold. Problem solved.

The NVSS diagnostic memos [guidance bulletins] and cycle threshold values [relative to PCR testing] as determined by the Fauci cohort/CDC/WHO and handed-down by the NVSS, function together as a redundant control system. The “variant” aspects adds a third layer.

In this case, if the cycle threshold values were to ever return to conventional values as they did on Inauguration Day and that lever [system] is lost, then the same objective can be established by burying technically formatted edicts in diagnostic guidance bulletins and handing them down or by unleashing one “variant” strain after another.

Not surprisingly, this redundant control system is another hallmark indicator of fraud.

To the layman, when the MSM rolls-out the CDC’s mitigating test result data to “disappear” the pandemic, it will all look the same and in error they’ll view it as consistently valid in a full-circle way. They’re hooked and drunk on the Kool-Aid.

To the fraud investigator and informed Moonshiners; however, it jumps out of the gym like Mike J.

Therefore and with the loss of the cycle threshold lever, the NVSS functioned to ensure that co-morbidity data could still be curated and harvested on demand, as needed and specifically during off-peak flu-pneumo season like spring and summer or right now.

Here is more direct evidence of this as sourced from The Gateway Pundit.

Take note of the last sentence at the bottom right – “Include patients who have both laboratory confirmed COVID-19 and laboratory-confirmed influenza in this field.” It equates to lumping the data altogether inside one box to permit stealing [the harvesting of] flu-pnuemo data by dictating that everything in that box be diagnosed as COVID.

Well, flu season is in that box.

Watch this.

Like I said, flu season was in that box.

Another pillar position in our fraud platform dates back to February 2020 and just over a month after the initial outbreak. On that timeline, the first bulk infection and mortality data arrived and immediately reinforced early suspicions about CV19. I indicated then that COVID-19 is nothing more than the fraudulent propagation of flu/pneumo (and heart disease, diabetes and obesity) data.

These are old and have been posted countless times.

Data lines taking the form of reciprocating, inverse hockey sticks are about as clear of an hallmark indicator of fraud as you will ever see. Precisely, the lines are direct overlays. I really can’t make it simpler than the last image, which is the very first one I made from two sources.

With a little coaching on what they’re seeing, most elementary students could examine the last image and explain the entire pandemic but about half of American adults are incapable of the same because they lack the gumption and objectiveness to dismiss their partisan and dogmatic ways to engage in independent and critical thinking and that’s assuming they’re capable of such. Rather they seem to spend their time calling people like me crazy and conspiracy theorists.

Abject morons is what many of these people are – despite their level of intelligence, IQ or degrees held – and they shall reap what they they have sown. Right now, we’re going to be there with them for the harvest. That is if the status quo continues unfettered as it has.

Caught In Traffic

Our sidebar introduction serves two purposes today. Here’s the other.

Traffic laws like those for speeding, which we discussed earlier, are enforced intermittently. The days, times and locations are in a constant state of flux and never exactly the same day-to-day. That’s why being a plus-10 driver is a good bet. No matter where or when you get clocked, it rarely if ever nets a stop when good discretion is used.

In the field of Criminal Justice [my first degree], longstanding research into recidivism [the concept of repeat offenders] and compliance with the law shows that an intermittent enforcement schedule is highly effective because the driver never knows when or where traffic enforcement occurs.

Otherwise, drivers would always speed through areas known not to have enforcement while always slowing in areas known to have it. The intermittent enforcement schedule therefore provides more consistent compliance from all drivers in all locations and with reliable longevity. Hold on to that.

As a personal example, as I neared Denver both in and out on the trip, I immediately thought about the ticket I got there in 2007 driving faster than plus-10. That thought alone caused me to alter my behavior at a time and location when there was no police presence. That’s the power of an intermittent enforcement schedule. That is the lesson to be learned.

Keep this in mind as you read what follows relative to the basics of human psychology and this fraudulent pandemic.

It’s the NVSS memos and manipulated cycle thresholds [and variants] that permit the capacity for intermittent enforcement.

The intermittent enforcement schedule permits the Biden administration to step back from tyranny and let Americans sip on the old times to boost morale before they drive us further down the enslavement continuum. Dip in, dip out, dip in, dip out. Make no mistake, though, because most of the time will be spent dipped-in. We’ll only dip out to replenish morale for the sake of ensuring continued compliance moving forward.

In other words, this intermittent enforcement schedule permits a taste of good to keep us on the hook, keep us acquiescent and keep us longing for an end that will never come.

That’s the nefarious nature of intermittent enforcement. That’s what is happening.

Another example of this is my explanation for how the “variant” compares to the 2020 “mid-April shift” and where both are relative to the seasonal die-off of flu/pneumo and primarily in the spring and summer. I’ve outlined this countless times.

They both serve to drag us through each seasonal die off to bridge the pandemic to the next peak flu season, which is the primary source for harvested co-morbidity data, which is the primary data driver for the entire construct [the fake pandemic.] The CDC begins peak flu every 01 Dec and runs it for two months.

After moving the conventional measuring stick for pandemics in the “mid-April shift” from declining mortality data [deaths] to “new case data” [positive PCR tests], the PCR/high cycle threshold value dynamic delivered on time and on demand.

With the cycle threshold now gone as of Inauguration Day, the NVSS memos continued to steer diagnoses to COVID to guarantee the data driver, which will bridge us through to peak flu 2022 along with the emerged “variant” lever.

Playing the Confirmation Game

The entire premise here was essentially outlined in a ONE TWO part article that I wrote at the end of May. Here’s an extract from Part I that explains how this all represents a way for the Biden administration to have it’s cake and eat it, too. Or, in other words, how they can make the pandemic come and go on command, on demand, whenever and wherever.

This brings us to the second news item that confirms [we play this game a lot at Moonshine] what I’m outlining here. It’s sourced at the Chinese News Network -CNN – and it’s emblematic of Proxy Joe taking some slack in his Chinese leash to attack his principal – by design – so that the principal – China – can have exclusive control of the official narrative for the origins of COVID-19 pandemic.

He who holds the pen that writes history can make history whatever he desires.

In so doing, China is re-writing history to alter the official account of an act of war against the U.S. in an undeclared, asymmetrical and irregular third world war. It occurred in October 2019 with the release of a bio-WMD as classified by the FBI.

As per the doctrine of Sun Tzu, China prefers to win the war without ever fighting it. All that required was taking one on the chin in a precisely controlled way and in exchange for the opportunity to rewrite that history.

This was prognosticated at Moonhine months ago along with the exact reasons why and now we have the exact and direct evidence of it.

Oh how quickly we change our mind by 180-degrees and to our benefit. Short American attention spans cause folks to fall victim to this sort of garbage all of the time.

Confirmed. Precisely and exactly confirmed as predicted.


Firstly, we read the tea leaves to identify Fauci’s pivot out of COVID-19 back in November and as peculiarly coinciding with peak flu. We also told you exactly how and why it was occurring.

Think of it this way. In order to steal flu-pneumo data and propagate it as something else – COVID – it primarily must be stolen during flu season.

Ergo and in order to return flu-pneumo data to make COVID go away, it primarily must be transferred back during flu season. That is specifically shown in our construct diagram above.

Subsequent flu seasons will return to conventional annual levels likely beginning next year and as they see fit. If they decide to carry on with the COVID enslavement system, cycle thresholds, NVSS diagnostic memos, “variants” and other levers can be pulled. It can be whatever, wherever, however and wherever they decicde – literally.

I warned everyone about exactly this back in March 2020 as it relates to the fluidity of a viral pandemic serving as a political construct in an article entitled IT’S NOT THE PANDEMIC THAT IT’S IMPORTANT – IT’S THE COVER IT PROVIDES: 24 AREAS FOR CONCERN MAY OUTLINE THE NEXT VERSION OF THE ‘NEW NORMAL’.

Latching on to the CDC’s period for peak flu as beginning on 01 Dec and running for two months as discussed, the designed Biden Inaugural backslide of cycle threshold values occurred when? Right smack in the middle of the CDC’s annual peak flu season.

Do you think that’s an accident given everything I’ve lined-out with excruciatingly granular detail in one and a half years?

Secondly, the tea leaves told us that a carve-out that was being made in the COVID narrative respective to China coming to own the outbreak. I lined it out in the May two-part article above.

We even told you then what it was going to be – China taking the dive to gain complete control over the narrative in conjunction with it’s functionary, the United Nation’s WHO. We even underpinned it all by previously establishing how and why Joe Biden is a Chinese proxy.

Thirdly and lastly, we gave you the evidence of China intentionally taking it on the chin as per the CNN article and as reported in legacy media altogether.

Lastly, if this pandemic is no fraudulent, then why can I keep proving it so over and over and over and over again and to a standard applicable to a court of law and all the while using the CDC’s own information and data to do it?

It’s a rhetorical question and the obvious answer is that it’s because it’s not so much what they do but rather how they do it. How they do it is by committing rampant fraud and that’s what we do best at Moonshine.



  1. Juan July 22, 2021

    At this point time I have deducted you came to south Florida driving on I-75 and left on I-95
    The world capital of dump drivers….they think they’re British, left is right, right is left….
    Your Not allowed to pass me…..I’m guarding the left lane……I’m a stupid rock and I don’t know better

    By the way….I do admire your work, it’s always spot on, thanks for all you do

  2. pcphage July 28, 2021

    will my comment get postes–=test

  3. pcphage July 28, 2021

    How they perpetrate the covid-19 fraud is by getting cover from most of the soft power centers in America and the world.
    This indicates that the Commie Globalists are in the home stretch of obtaining complete power.
    The Western elites have bought into a “Malthusian” Environmental Catastrophe Scenario.
    The Election fraud of 11/3/20 and the subsequent dismissal of it by all branches of government showed the basic unity of the Left and Right ruling classes on this matter.
    The ruling class acted like a well-oiled machine in their destruction of Trump.
    There is a CABAL running America.
    They infiltrated and took over the Democratic Party. RINOs work for the CABAL.
    Biden was always meant to be a figurehead and Kamala will endure the same fate when Dementia Joe goes completely bonkers and ends up in a nursing home.
    The CABAL got its start when some Generals and DOD Bureaucrats stole $2.2 Trillion during the defense buildup of the 80’s and 90’s. They enlisted their friends in the CIA & FBI. Then they bought or compromised most politicians in DC.
    For more fleshed out fantasizing on the CABAL check out pc_PHAGE pinned posts on gab .com.
    The covid fraud will soon meet with vast resistance. The CABAL needs something to interfere with the 2022 elections like the pandemic did with the 2020 elections.
    The CABAL/Biden administration will take a page from early Soviet History.
    They will manufacture a FAMINE like the Soviets did in the Ukraine, and elsewhere in Russia, to break the back of political resistance.
    I’ve read that the government is fooling around with food production and the supply chain and a manufactured Famine makes sense.
    The Globalist program has depopulation as an important objective. They don’t care how many people they murder just as the Soviets didn’t.
    The DEMs/CABAL worked too hard to gain power. They will never give it up without a fight.
    There will be no elections in 2022. A National Emergency and Martial Law will be declared because of the manufactured famine and the resulting food riots.
    The election will be postponed.

  4. Chris Capstone July 29, 2021

    typo: repeated paragraph in the quote of previous article beginning with “It is patently demonstrable…” please fix ASAP. I can’t share these articles with my kids if they contain errors (attorney, university prof, and microbiologist) they will likely stop reading when they come upon errors. Thanks.

  5. L V October 2, 2021

    I saw the repetition. I kept reading anyway. I consider myself an attorney, a university professor, and a microbiologist all rolled into one. I am triplets. We are one. I am a Siamese kinda cat that way. Your pompous kids will love this article like a cat loves catnip. I did.

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