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Revisiting Obama’s Application of U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the COVID-19 Blueprint to Overthrow America

On 30 Apr 20, I authored a piece examining how a newly inaugurated and first-term President Barack Obama entered office in January 2009 and immediately began to apply and map-over the U.S. (and its people) its own intelligence doctrine and methods (counterinsurgency) that were perfected overseas in decades worth of CIA operations conducted to dictate “election” outcomes in other nations. I’m sure many (most) who saw it chalked it up to more “conspiracy theory” and dismissed it altogether thinking that COVID-19 was legitimate and despite the Moonshine effort demonstrating it as entirely fraudulent. Therein, things like the CIA, Director John O. Brennan, Hammer and Scorecard, and Art Project and Architecture all bear down and draw us close to things like Obama, China, the CCP, the PLA, the Bidens, Dominion, Smartmatic, the stolen 2020 U.S. election, Bill Barr, Christopher Wray, U.S. lawmakers, U.S. officials, CEOs, the MSM and a bunch more.

Today, we’re going to tie it all together to continue moving forward in a broader case that we make more water-tight with each passing day. We’ll then put to rest any further notion of “conspiracy theory.”


Upon entering office in January 2009 and in addition to the application of U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine to America and its people, what else did Obama do immediately as a “first” and relative to the underlying broader political continuum; to the two-term administration he was being installed to run; and to the “fundamental” changes (overthrow) he promised to usher-in as a set stage for the final act, which would have eliminated the Constitution and the Republic in favor of a Marxism, socialism and communism in Hillary Clinton.

Again, it’s not by coincidence, accident or circumstance that the U.S. biosecurity rules rewrite began under Bill Clinton, bore down will full might during the 9/11 aftermath, were handed-off to Obama in a GW Bush executive order and were devised to come to full force under Hillary Clinton beginning in January 2017; if not for the election being “un-rigged” for a legitimate Trump victory – the first and actual legitimate electoral victory in decades. I believe it to be the late John McCain who quipped that it would be foolish to allow Americans to select their own leaders.

As one example, Obama made the eventual Chinese proxy and Vice President Joe Biden his first and “most important” cabinet appointment. For another, Obama also began an immediate rewrite of biosecurity rules in all U.S. national biocontainment facilities that was permitted by an executive order executed by outgoing George W. Bush just eleven days before his exit from office. Importantly, this permits the overarching construct to transit presidential administrations, which is a mechanism to provide cover and compartmentalize culpability while also making the crimes harder to identify and more difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Also take note of the evidenced congressional treason entrenched throughout all of this and do so understanding that the spine to the overarching and generational political continuum is the intelligence community. That manifests heavily with the the HPSCI and SSCI and the cast of characters (the ususal suspects) who occupy those committees or who have ex officio status membership to them.

As an example of the latter, the intelligence community was privy to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in October 2019 and had evidence that the U.S. was smuggling strains of the virus to China via Harvard University professor Charles Lieber. This was all provided in an FBI tactical intelligence report. Nancy Pelosi is an ex officio member of the HPSCI and was therefore privy to this intelligence. You can say the same for Mitch McConnell and the SSCI. What was Pelosi doing at the time? She was driving the first of two fraudulent impeachment constructs with the objective of transmitting the Articles of Impeachment before Christmas (25 Dec); getting it done by the 18th and whereby the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak was first reported in the MSM two days after Christmas on 27 Dec 19.

Therefore, the entire time she cracked the impeachment whip, Pelosi was aware of the viral outbreak. No one else but Moonshine has told you that the primary purpose of the first impeachment construct served to deflect from and usher-in COVID-19 and we told you that over a year ago on 25 Mar 20.

The timing of Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker is important – think of all of the committees we have discussed along with the investigative and subpoena power possessed and leveraged by each. Pelosi is most certainly compromised – maybe even in writing – and most certainly by China and therefore she, like Biden, functions as a proxy in the sense that if House leadership is compromised, said compromise extends to everything under control of leadership. If abused, the House committees become the teeth in the dog.

Pelosi’s deliberate placement as Speaker on each end of the rope – both Obama’s and Biden’s entry into office – serves to ensure proper handling of House authority for the Deep State. There is little doubt that Republicans John Boehner and Paul Ryan, respectively, fulfilled their obligations in bridging the gap back to Pelosi (for Biden) and the status quo. One does not get to be Speaker unless it is guaranteed with fidelity that one will serve as required. Think fealty for all of them.

At this same general time, President Obama also dispatched his Vice President Joe Biden to travel the globe brokering one private equite energy deal after another; the same can be said for Biden’s initiative to strike new relations with a host of nations in the areas of energy and natural gas. It’s imperative to understand that in this light, I’ve established a working and evidenced position that the global energy sector is/was being used as a primary conduit to move money in private equity deals and many of the locations overlap vaccine research in other nations and that overlaps the Bidens specifically.

Everything we discuss today should also be consumed relative to the established Moonshine position on the status quo and in short, it’s that the U.S. finds itself situated in an irregular, undeclared and asymmetrical third world war that was formally commenced in October 2019 when China released a bio-WMD on the U.S. and the rest of the world; and from that, leverages an installed Chinese proxy in Joe Biden and his administration.

The evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggests that China’s viral construct was called “Art Project,” it was complimented by Architecture and that both derive from China’s One Belt One Road doctrine, which leverages energy and infrastructure as the interfaces to apply Chinese doctrine to globally affect change and broker financial deals. The looming U.S. infrastructure bears down here on the former.


Holding our attention and serving as the context for our discussion is a brief article featured at Zero Hedge and sourced at and from it, we’ll pull extracts to provide associated the tiebacks. Underpinning our conversation and as noted above is my original article, which frames the application of U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine relative to Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, Obama’s oratory prowess as an effective tool to foment “fundamental change” and, something no one else has contextually established the way we have – that federalism (separation state/county/local and federal authority) serves as the primary mechanism to divide the nation and its people one state, one county and one city at a time; just like the CIA did for decades in the Middle East. If you’ve been drinking your Moonshine, you’ve been far ahead in the information game by well over a year.

Importantly, that article also described how America is supremely ripe for overthrow and that the mechanism to facilitate it was infiltration from within; hearkening back to then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s words of warning to state governors and universities last summer when he essentially placed them all on notice relative to Chinese influence and infiltration.

America being ripe can’t be overlooked because it speaks directly to six things: 1) the effectiveness of hostile foreign nations (primarily China) in infiltrating the U.S. and its institutions on a generational timeline, 2) how that aligns with Chinese war doctrine, 3) the effectiveness of the propaganda those hostile nations (China) were able to sow into the MSM narrative for public consumption, 4) the effectiveness of the (Chinese) propaganda to move a large swath of the populace away from traditional American principles so as to effectively divide the country by leveraging “systemic racism“, 5) the effectiveness of the propaganda leveraging reliable Nazi era constructs, and 6) the ineffectiveness of the feeble American mind to prevent all of this from happening (here, the U.S. public education system bears down with full might.)

All Obama had to do was skillfully weave his oratory web to convince Americans that the greatest Republic on earth required “fundamental change” and that he did. To facilitate it, he applied our own counterinsurgency against us.

What follows are the relevant extracts from the short article that should be consumed in full.

We’re talking about the CIA – the most formidable intelligence agency in existence and one that is prohibited by law from operating domestically against American citizens. Now ask yourself if such an outfit would shoot blindly from the hip in controverting something as legally and constitutionally substantial as operating against Americans in America? Not in a million years would they do that. Rather, the CIA would rely on a trusted and vetted system of proprietary knowledge that has been field tested for efficacy in other nations and specifically devised to deliver the operational objective here, which is regime change. The U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine from 2009 that is our primary focus in this is a perfect example of what I just described.

Dating back a year to last I began to refer to Devin Nunes’ “Horrible Hundred,” which was in reference to the over 100 MSM reporters he indicated were under sealed indictment. Look back over the past several years and ask yourself if the above description is accurate relative to the MSM up to today? What is Operation Mockingbird? It certainly bears down here.

How many times have MSM reporters gotten it wrong when they were so adamant they had it right and never really with any formal and appropriate correction of the record: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment 1.0, COVID-19, insurrection, impeachment 2.0, the stolen 2020 election, the Biden presidency, and more.?

Is that a result of all of those reporters merely getting all of that wrong consistently and collectively over time or is it such that those reporters are functionaries of the CIA either directly or indirectly and wittingly or unwittingly? I do this work (as a former fraud investigator) for fun; as a hobby. I don’t make a penny from it and I work alone (acknowledging others in my backdrop.) So, why is it that all of my established, sourced, cited and evidenced findings exist in a different universe than theirs? Rhetorical question.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and common sense – regardless of party affiliation – who still believes the MSM writ large only does so because it tickles them right where it matters most and because they’re too intellectually undeveloped to challenge their own conventions; hence the aforementioned feeble American mind.

As painfully as it is to state this, there has never been a more perfect and timely moment than now to actually listen to Nancy Pelosi speak. Here Pelosi galvanizes the prior points and the point above while she marries it all to the MSM.

The “tools of war abroad” have come home? I’m here to tell you that the primary tool that served as the blueprint for an ongoing overthrow was/is the same precise and exact U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine that was applied and which I identified.

Planted stories? Do these sound like planted stories that were hammered home by the MSM ad nauseam and using tactics like multiple sources and wrap-up smears: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment 1.0, COVID-19, insurrection, impeachment 2.0, the stolen 2020 election and the Biden presidency? Taking what they reported then against what you know to be true now does it appear that there was/is a cohort of the CIA, U.S. politicians, relevant corporate sectors (BIG MONEY, BIG MEDIA & BIG TECH) and the MSM that is operating domestically and to affect the U.S. populace toward a desired outcome?

Latch onto the notion of taking down a sitting president on the 2017 timeline. Now examine the timeline I’ve been compiling for several years but which remains incomplete. Simply apply some logical deduction to gain meaning from this – substantial, critical and foundational meaning.

It’s obvious the author is tying in contemporaneous examples such as the fraudulent Mueller special counsel construct and that is why the entire source article is worthy – there is an abundance of similar evidentiary examples of which I spared you most of the granular details to remain focused on counterinsurgency. Did the press; however, swallow it all or were they complicit in comply aligning with the narrative as being sown by the intelligence community that is at the foundation of everything? Rhetorical question. See the Nunes Horrible Hundred.

Take note of the overlaps that thread throughout the entire tappestry of our case: ODNI (intelligence community), HPSCI, Russia, elections, MSM, CIA, Middle East, counterinsurgency, etc. These overlaps don’t occur specifally and by accident, circumstance or coincidence. All of this is constructed and the schmatics derive from U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine.

The author’s conclusion needs no further commentary.


President Obama hit the ground running in January 2009. As he was promising to “fundamentally change” America, he also took to a complete rewrite of U.S. biosecurity rules that would leave U.S. biocontianment facilities in a regulatory fog for over a decade.

Obama would also take a fundamental step to deliver us the designed status quo. The blueprint for that design, which would leverage federalism to overthrow the U.S. federal government and remove a sitting president was existing U.S. counterinsurgency doctirne that Obama mapped-over the U.S. and effectively, its people.

What allows us to put the conspiratorial aspects of this to rest comes in two forms – the truth and all of the sourced and cited evidence in support of it.

(U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Guide 2009-2017 – SOURCE DOCUMENT)



  1. Karen June 8, 2021

    Thank you. You are a good man. And your cows are lovely too! 🙃 btw, God recently escorted me into year #11 . . . sans-moonshine 🙏🏻❤️🙂 If nothing else, I’ve learned that Gratitude never gets old. Your #9 will shortly arrive, and then we go from there. Not too shabby. Have a wonderful nite. God bless and give those pups a belly-rub from me.

  2. Therese Angelchik June 9, 2021

    Truly profound and sincere. This is truth upon truth…. Every lie revealed and uncovered. Vengeance is the Lords. He will repay His way in His time

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