Will DOJ Press Release Envelop Biden With Iran and Venezuela?

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice issued a press release that reasonably stands a chance to impact the current timeline. It’s certainly worthy of further pursuit and it didn’t take long to pick up a scent trail.

According to the DOJ press release (emphasis added),

Natalino D’Amato, 61, of Venezuela, was charged in an 11-count indictment filed in the Southern District of Florida.  D’Amato was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, four counts of international money laundering, three counts of promotional money laundering, and three counts of engaging in transactions involving criminally derived property.

The indictment alleges that, beginning in January 2013 and continuing through December 2017, D’Amato conspired with others, including officials at joint ventures between PDVSA and various foreign companies in the oil-rich Orinoco belt of Venezuela, to launder the proceeds of an illegal bribery scheme to and from bank accounts located in South Florida.  These joint ventures were majority owned and controlled by PDVSA.  According to the indictment, D’Amato offered and paid bribes to numerous Venezuelan officials who worked at the PDVSA joint ventures in order to obtain highly inflated and lucrative contracts to provide goods and services to the PDVSA joint ventures.  The indictment further alleges that over the course of the conspiracy, companies controlled by D’Amato received approximately $160 million from the PDVSA joint ventures into accounts he controlled in South Florida.  According to the charges, D’Amato used a portion of those funds to make payments to or for the benefit of the Venezuelan officials.

Let’s revisit what is known about Joe Biden and what is covered extensively – sourced and cited – on this website. The evidence demonstrates that Biden is:

  • Completely owned and compromised by China and the CCP
  • Fully behind and integral to the conspiracy to remove President Trump and overthrow the US government vis-a-vis China, the CCP, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba and including the stolen 2020 election
  • Deeply tied to myriad crimes in Ukraine and especially in the energy sector and allegedly in human trafficking and with other suspected energy sector enterprises in Brazil and multitudes other nations across the globe
  • Deeply enmeshed in the conspiracy with Iran to develop a rogue nuclear arsenal to be leveraged against Western governments to herd them into desired geopolitical positions and as made possible by the well-over $150 billion that Obama provided Iran and as baked into the laws framing the failed JCPOA
  • Recall this is all occurring against the backdrop of Obama’s normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba and against the backdrop of Cuba’s relevance as noted above

You can go deeper on Biden corruption HERE and HERE and on the site in general. Also know that I projected Biden as a placeholder candidate for a lot of reasons previously reported; expecting Hillary’s late entrance in his stead.

I got that wrong in the details because it didn’t matter who, or rather how un-electable, the candidate would be because the play was always a steal and one that would be leveraged to drag anything important, including the vote result, past inauguration day.

There is still a window for HRC’s entrance, so we’ll see. It would occur if Biden were inaugurated and whereby he would either voluntarily remove himself or be removed in relatively short order and whereby Harris would succeed him opening a window for her to select Hillary as her vice president.

Better watch your back, Kamala. Better stay socially distanced from the Clintons and their buddies.

God forbid that Hillary could actually see that through and in what would be typical and sleezy Clinton fashion for it would have her bypassing running, campaigning, debating or even ever answering a single tough question about her qualifications and compromises. Rather she would have entered through the back door and removed the one person that invited her in but stood in her way. As stated – God forbid.

Returning to the matters at hand, let’s remember that South Florida is a hotbed for Democratic Party antics and copious amounts of voter fraud and corruption. That draws our interest relative to the location of the bank located there and being used as described.

Here’s our first search result from Aljazeera and note the overlaps relative to what’s outlined above (emphasis added) and apply them for meaning.

An opposition deputy from the Justice First (Primero Justicia) party close to self-proclaimed interim president Guaido told Al Jazeera he is worried that Biden will want to negotiate with Maduro and that he may ease some of the Trump administration’s hard-line political stances and economic sanctions. He asked not to use his name to discuss politics in the deeply polarised country.

“Trump has been a strong ally. He has shown that he means business and that he will not back down on the demand for the departure of Maduro and his cronies,” that opposition politician said.

Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSAthe country’s economic lifeline – has also been hit with US sanctions, adding to the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

Biden has expressed his desire to resume diplomacy with OPEC members Venezuela and Iran, which could eventually lead to the return of their oil exports if certain conditions are met, Reuters News Agency reported.

What do you think the chances are that Quid Pro Joe is somehow connected to easing sanctions on Venezuela at the same time Venezuela directly interfered in the 2020 election to help him win and that just perhaps, the money trail ties back to Biden? What are the chances the DOJ selectively released this now given the building mountain of similar evidence lately? I don’t believe in coincidences.

Do you now see why this has my attention? Take a look on the website and go to the ‘Threads‘ page – you’ll see copious amounts of evidence of Biden’s energy corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere. Check out the ‘keystone’ articles. There’s plenty more to read about, too.

Questions: Which nation was it that used Dominion/Smartmatic systems to steal an election in 2012? Venezuela. Which country owns PDVSA? Venezuela (and Russia.) For which country was the Dominion/Smartmatic software first developed to steal elections? Venezuela. Which country is entangled in terms of ownership? Venezuela (and China). What was the conduit to facilitate Biden’s global corruption? The energy sector and especially natural gas. What are the established methods for the Bidens and the rest of them to move money and veil evidence? Shell corporations and money laundering. Who was it that recently and publicly stated that they cared to ease sanctions against a known foreign enemy in Venezuela (and Iran)? Biden?

Does this warrant asking a whole hell of a lot more questions?


It stacks-up just thinking about it. I’m clocking-out to drink a bourbon and watch some football. I’ll return to this tomorrow with the hopes it bears fruit.

I can’t imagine it won’t.

A Patriot’s Thanksgiving Note to Mom

What follows is private correspondence in the form of a note submitted by a patriot and friend with a brilliant mind. With his permission, we are sharing it on the assumption that it speaks volumes and resonates across this nation and its people with great clarity. As Americans, we were positioned to reconcile one of our greatest and most cherished traditions and holidays by forging a landscape previously forced upon us by those antithetical to this nation and its people. This “note to mom” captures the emotions and sentiments felt by many this week.

Happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to send you this as you have a difficult task ahead today. Everywhere in our country Thanksgiving dinner will be the most politically charged meal in our lifetimes,  maybe any lifetimes.

It won’t be like this forever. I think this will be the last holiday season where it will be this tense.  Over the coming weeks much will be revealed and that will create a lot of change.

By this time next year, everything will be perfectly clear. Hopefully the values – American values that we were taught since childhood – will have won out and we will all be on the same page, looking back and reflecting at the level of corruption and deception. Glad to have lived through it and thankful that we got through it.

Alternatively, by the next holiday season, we will be coming to grips with the stark resignation that while everyone is created equal , some are more equal than others.  While I think the latter outcome is unlikely, it is possible.

We are at fact, at war. Not a traditional war with clear battle lines and real estate gained or lost. This is an information war where the real estate that needs to be captured is inside the heads of our citizens.

I’m optimistic we will win this war. I believe this is the most consequential and interesting time in history. I’m excited to see what it will be like after everything is resolved.

That resolution looks to be weeks away not days.  Everyone’s patience will be tried, emotions frayed with the twists and turns of each development.  Moves and countermoves. But in the end, as Mike Flynn and others have repeatedly said, “God wins”.

While I have not been religious for most of my life, I am coming to see this time as the classic biblical battle between good and evil.  That much is getting clearer every day.

I thank you for your creating this awareness early in my life though at the time it seemed like a waste of time.  I now know it wasn’t.

As for today, it turns out that not speaking our minds has turned out to be quite difficult of us.  I think that’s a feature. Today it isn’t. It won’t be easy but you have to get through it knowing that where people stand now is where they will be standing by this time next year.  Everyone needs to go though this period on their own.

That lessons are learned, never told. That people have to want to learn in order to actually learn. It’s not our job to make them smarter. It’s theirs.

I love you and can’t thank you enough for sharing your genes, your values, your work ethic, your sense of humor and your example of how to make a marriage work.  Between you and Jim, I learned from the very best.

I hope that my children will one day feel the same way about me.  At worst we will see you in DC.  It’s going to be super fun. We’ll probably get invited to all the cool parties.

I have to go peel potatoes now.