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Devastated By Deception – Tedros, China and the CCP

What do we know about Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus? What do we know about his selection to become the director of the United Nations’ World Health Organization? What do we know about the history of Ethiopia that would help us understand his relevance today germane to the landscape of the United States and your freedom and liberty as an individual American? What do we know about his relationship to China and the CCP relative to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and Barack Obama and plans to leverage a bioweapon of mass destruction in order to sell-out all of America in exchange for our enslavement and for their two primary purposes – self-enrichment and self-preservation? What do we know about Architecture and the Art Project?

The Mason Jar

  • 27 OCT 20
  • Analysis/temperature check on status quo
  • CDC, WHO, Tedros: historical and contemporaneous analysis; why did China install him?
  • Tedros as extension to communism, tyranny and communist roots; rigged WHO procedural vote to install him
  • Continued destruction of Bidens/Obama at Gnews/Gtv vis-a-vis Bannon & Guo; Patrick Ho

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

History is important and it sets the course for the future. In this case, it set our course for the present and the foreseeable future; on the assumption that this entire politically constructed continuum is not fully gutted and fully exposed to sunlight. If we don’t get full to near-full sunlight, the insanity of this freshly engineered ‘new normal’ will be concretely galvanized.

Welcome to your own new personal Orwellian enslavement kindly brought to you by your friends in the CCP.

Thinking that descriptor is an exaggeration is a potentially fatal error. I really attempt to avoid profanity while writing and for a number of reasons starting with the detraction from the content. Sometimes, though, only certain words are appropriate no matter their quality.

Digressing and back to my point – Do you know how the Chinese and the CCP treat folks they consider to be hostile to their interests, which are predicated on global domination? Well, let me just say – THEY DON’T FUCK AROUND. Ask any dead person who erred and crossed the CCP’s path.

Let me also be crystal clear vis-a-vis my primary lens of objectivity because it’s potentially controversial to some but perhaps not all and it’s this. I’ll tip my hat to the CCP and China – give them their due respect. Formally and in writing. They’re not a worthy adversary. They’re the adversary you worry about and which keeps you up at night.

China and the CCP cut an artery everywhere we left one exposed and bled us out to what you see now – an America that is a shell of what it used to be. She’s been devastated by deception and a cunning opponent stole, bought, bribed, cheated, killed, lied, compromised, you name it – they did it all and more and with the help of our own kind. The ones we trusted the most.

Take this for example. Bribing the right politicians to export middle class and manufacturing jobs to China and then overrun the country importing opiates to fill its void. That’s a mere sliver of what they’ve done.

The old America – the one I knew as a kid of the ’70s – was a different and better place and not that it didn’t have its own issues and problems – all eras do – but over time, we’ve been forced to transition times over and are now far from our roots and origins. Nostalgia aside, that’s a honest observation.

We were infiltrated; not invaded, and it all unfolded on a generational timeline.


For proper backdrop and sparing you the details covered comprehensively and months ago (COVID catalog linked at top), it’s important to recall that through funding, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are puppet organizations as much as Dr. Anthony Fauci is a puppet individual. Bill Gates essentially owns the CDC and both he and China own the WHO.

This bears down hard on all things.


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the first non-physician to direct the WHO. Does that surprise anyone? Rather, Tedros presents as a treasonous bureaucrat like the rest of them.

Tedros’ background includes holding two high-level positions in Ethiopia’s government: 1) Minister of health from 2005 to 2012 and 2) Minister of Foreign Affairs (like our Secretary of State) from 2012 to 2016. Specifically, that aligns him with John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State 2013-2017.

On the other side of it, it was China that propped-up Tedros to become the new WHO director and it was done under suspicious circumstances as the WHO changed its succession procedure for the first time since its inception in 1947.

The net effect had Tedros the puppet being propped-up by China and the CCP in a vote that was to be determined by a new procedural voting process and with a fundamental change to vote tabulations.

The controls that adjusted for population differences, which gave all countries equitable pull but not equal pull, were removed with the new procedure giving all countries the same pull no matter their population. The vote then took place electronically and secretly; such that no countries could see how the others voted.

Do you think China and the CCP had compromising evidence on individual voters to coerce their vote, which China guaranteed no one could see? Rhetorical question.

Contiguous to our favorite dead horse – the mid-January 2017 timeline, the interviews of candidates began exactly in mid-January 2017 narrowing the field to three. Tedros emerged and his reign at the WHO was set to begin on 01 Jul 17.

So, the China/Gates controlled and owned WHO changed its procedural vote process to secretly vote-in its propped-up candidate. That candidate would be responsible for interfacing with the CDC and Dr. Fauci, who is the proxy for state and local officials enforcing the tyrannical and draconian guidelines across America.

This is how the CCP was running, or shall I say devastating, America as postulated in the previous article(s); and via the usurpation of President Trump’s emergency powers on 11 Mar 20, when the national emergency was declared.

Do you now see the scope of what the President is facing? He knows Facui is calling the shots for the CCP. It’s why I’m amazed at why so few people beyond our work here appreciate the significance of this historical presser, wherein Trump essentially drags Fauci to the podium ordering him to recite the following.

Do you see what the President did there? He made Fauci own every single granular bit of every negative outcome that has befallen this nation since 27 Dec 19. It all belongs to Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, China and the CCP. And no one talks about it.

There’s a reason no one talks about it. It’s beneficial to Mr. Trump and as for him, it was sage. It was clever. Pragmatic.

So why did China select Tedros? Why was Kerry engaging with him?

It all draws back on Ethiopia’s communist roots.

Sparing you the details of Ethiopian history, we’ll examine some veneer level facts that demonstrate how the Communist presence in Ethiopia arrived long ago and more importantly, never really left. It sort of explains how it got here and folks either didn’t notice or didn’t care to do anything about it if they did.

Generally speaking the communist period in Ethiopia spans 1974-1991 and per the norm, it began with a military coup d’etat to install a rebel leader with a subsequent full government installation and a full slate of executions.

During the “Red Terror” Soviet-styled communism became fully implemented in the Marxist, Socialist form.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and on the heels of 9/11, U.S. forces began to train with the Ethiopians and the diplomatic doors to devastation were opened. This coincided with the transition to the focus on Islamic terrorism and the geopolitical entanglements involved therein and which persist today.

Going deeper on Tedros, consider this.

Why did China select Tedros, the non-physician bureaucrat with a violent and oppressive past? Because he’s a perfect fit; one of their own. Easy as pie.

Quick sidebar – the above extract is from a worthy source that contains a wealth of high-brow information.

Once you understand that the CCP’s objective is absolute and total global domination that requires your enslavement, which requires an “invisible enemy” to scare you into it, stitching the details together for broader understanding becomes more reasonable.


The last article lays the foundation for the discussion here and it reflects on the importance of Miles Guo, Steve Bannon and their relationships to one another and their partnered and recent relationship with the Department of Justice and FBI. That peculiar arrest of Bannon makes a lot more sense, now.

As we continue to expand on the relevance of recently emerged cooperating witness, Patrick Ho, recall that we first drew attention to him months ago; this being from March.

Now, consider this recently released audio clip from Gnews.

In Hunter’s panicked voice, “the fucking spy chief of China.” The importance of this context can’t be overlooked – it’s immensely reflective of the gravity of all of this. It’s worth skimming the article I linked above. Patrick Ho is a big deal. For the record, that’s now two f-bombs in this article. Patrick Ho is huge.

You could also say the same thing about Hunter, but in a different way. I digress.

Source (would not embed):

Other developments that you can dig into for quick details at Gnews include Obama’s $1 billion deal whereby Hunter Biden proposed to President Obama a potential deal from President Xi to look away from China’s military activities (South China Sea in particular) in exchange for $1 billion.

Another Gnews item suggests that Joe Biden had Barack Obama under surveillance the entire time Obama was in office and was the de facto President of the U.S.

The Biden evidence potentially stands to bring down everyone because of the complexity of nebulous entanglements that permeate all of D.C. and the global geopolitical landscape. It’s all tied together by money and money leaves a trail.

Remember, hard drive number three contains the evidence of the Chinese/CCP planned release of a bioweapon against the U.S. devised as a mechanism for overthrow and global dominance. We know the plan components as Architecture and Art Project.

I’ll close by reminding you that we have an election in 7 days.


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