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All Shall Be Under CCP’s Control With ‘Architecture’ and ‘Art Project’

Architecture and Art Project – they read like the stuff from top secret government files and conspiracy based spy novels because that’s exactly what they are and not surprisingly, it’s unfolding just as we’ve been telling you since the beginning of this all and long before anybody else. Notably, we’re working primarily with two sources newer to the landscape and whereby the latter is made available at the former and whereby they tie back is to Steve Bannon vis-a-vis Chinese billionaire, Guo Wengui. The sources are Gnews and Lude Media and additionally, Gtv.

The Mason Jar

  • 25 OCT 20
  • Gnews, Gtv, Saraca Media Group, Lude Media, Steve Bannon, Guo Wengui
  • Developments in Biden Crime Family corruption
  • China, CCP, Deep State & Democrats all in-league
  • 3 hard drives in Trump’s possession
  • The “bioweapon plan”

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Importantly and as reported at Vox, G News is Guo Media’s news arm. Gnews is owned by Saraca Media Group, Inc., a New York based outfit within the jurisdiction of Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state. That’s important in terms of original jurisdiction and serves as ground zero for the unpacking of all things Biden – see the “laptop from hell.” We also take note that Saraca is classified as a “foreign business corporation.”

Vox also outlines, Guo Media (Gnews) is owned by Saraca.

All of that is important when you remember this contextual backdrop.

Let us remember that Steve Bannon previously and curiously left the White House supposedly under somewhat contentious terms. That always seemed contrived to me and it now it appears that we have plausible explanations suggesting that perhaps Bannon was dispatched for purpose and that purpose was to execute an ulterior agenda designed to decimate the Democratic party on the eve of the election; as if completing an assignment. Controlled demolition. Total demolition.

Did you see it? Re-read the NYP extract above. August 2017? Contiguous to our favorite dead horse to kick – the mid-January 2017 timeline? You’re damn straight it is. 13 January 17 is the most important date in contemporary U.S. history.

Relative to that timeline, see this which I wrote in the last article.

There’s a reason they preemptively went after Bannon on cooked-up charges. From the NY Post.

There’s a reason Bannon was on Guo’s boat, no? What were Wray’s FBI and Barr’s DOJ doing going after Bannon and Guo?

You’re about to find out and it essentially proves everything I’ve been saying since January when people were calling me crazy and I hadn’t even opened my Twitter account. Recall, this is early January we’re talking about and the virus broke out on 27 Dec 19.

Bellow are the relevant screenshots from the video that is linked in full at the bottom. They read like a full explanation and I believe that the U.S. population and the world population are about to irrefutably learn, and as backed by undeniable evidence, that the Democrats, the Deep State and others conspired to overthrow the U.S. government as partnered with China and the CCP and by leveraging a bioweapon we call COIVD-19.

I’ve been outlining EXACTLY THAT for months. Let’s get to it.

From the video, we learn that there are three “very important hard drives,” and as evidence of that, we have an image with Hunter Biden’s signature for dropping off, in Delaware (original jurisdiction, as noted above), three separate devices.

Importantly, the contents of the hard drives were provided to the Department of Justice but whereby someone on the inside of DOJ and aligned with Biden’s interests or, interests antithetical to those of Mr. Trump’s, interceded the evidence and shielded it for Biden. Ultimately, the evidence did make is way to President Trump.

Moving into the affairs of Hunter Biden, it gets gritty quickly as the topics go straight to “sex tapes” and “pedo tapes” and the full scope of the matter comes into the view.

Who do you think filmed the tapes? China and more specifically, the CCP.

It’s an old play from an old playbook and Joe Biden is done. He was always done. Why is it do you think I branded him the “placeholder candidate“? On that note and even though Mike Pompeo has preempted it with his leverage of Hillary Clinton’s deleted 33k emails, she is the candidate and thought to be entering the race on 01 Nov 20 (or reasonably, sooner.)

Returning to the video, Hunter Biden is said to have signed a “secret deal” with a prepayment of $1 million just for inking his name to it. Another $10 million was afforded Hunter after signing the agreement and the entire deal was worth $4.5 billion; “$4.5 billion of benefit.”

Again and importantly, it’s outlined how three hard drives existed including evidence of Hunter’s compromising sex tapes, the money Hunter took and the agreement he signed; all from the first.

The interview ties into a long-standing position that I began to develop years ago at Gab under the nom de plume ‘Statecraft Discerned’ and well before Political Moonshine existed. Namely, that Joe and Hunter Biden were exploiting global energy markets to move money and specifically, in Ukraine. For any Q folks, Ukraine has been my longstanding subject for the KEYSTONE. Articles on all of that work can be found on this website.

There is evidence of the Bidens working in Kazakhstan and additionally of another longstanding research vector with the Bidens’ entanglements with Burisma in the Ukraine.

Moving into the second hard drive, it’s stated to contain evidence of President Xi’s and Foreign Minister Wang’s overseas wealth; also having been delivered to the DOJ.

Interestingly and emblematic of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s insane approach to her full agenda, a copy was provided to her and explicitly for the purpose of the CCP demonstrating its leverage on her and a wide swath of others due to the compromising materials they possess.

“Because of Joe Biden,” cadres within the CCP have become “anxious” and it has resulted in large ripples across the geopolitical landscape; especially since it is most certainly known by all of the players involved that President Trump has the full trove of irrefutably damning evidence. All of it. Every bit.

Hunter knew this. He also knew the CCP would release all of his compromising materials so, out of a sense of some contrived obligation to be transparent, he just may have cooperated with authorities in the release of the three hard drives and so as to save his own hide while bringing everyone else down with him because we know that in his eyes, his demise is entirely Joe’s fault for making him the family bag man.

Or not. Back to the interview.

It’s outlined how the CCP has always been the clandestine supporters of the Democrats, which reflects back Pompeo’s recent presser discussing how China (and the CCP) had manifested a list of “friendly” state governors and others.

The CCP is clearly messaging those they own (Deep State and Democrats) who are subservient by means of its possession of compromising evidence on them. Consequently, the CCP handed-down two direct orders moving forward: do whatever you have to do to win the election and then obey once you’ve stolen it.

Returning to the hard drive and how a friendly whistleblower is said to have subverted the Biden/DOJ effort to shield the evidence from daylight by taking the materials into custody, we learn that a second hard drive that contains information about Xi’s and Wang’s wealth information and other materials, including their asset allocations in the U.S.

“Architecture” and “Art Project” are introduced as the names for Xi and Wang’s “extremely grand plan.” “This plan is to (control) not only the 1.4 billion Chinese people” but also “the United Nations” and the “United States.”

Moreover and specifically, the plan is to also control “the U.S. President” and “any future Presidents.”

Now think very long and very hard about how I have outlined ad nauseam the precise triggers and mechanisms that have been pulled and set-off as it relates to primarily Dr. Anthony Fauci’s usurpation of the President’s emergency powers immediately upon the declaration of a national emergency on 11 Mar 20. At that precise moment, the CCP was in de facto control of the United States vis-a-vis Fauci vis-a-vis Fauci’s string pullers and handlers.

Together, Fauci and the CCP closed schools; shuttered the economy; destroyed jobs and businesses; instigated, funded and organized riots started and began a new fake race war; and they did all of it by leveraging those friendly governors in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington and my state of Oregon. Fauci and the CCP wrecked the U.S. and they leveraged those we trusted the most to do it.

“ALL SHALL BE UNDER CCP’S CONTROL.” I need not elaborate on that, right?

The details of it all are absurd. It was a $4.5 billion dollar deal that involved exactly what I outlined months ago – exploiting the natural gas markets in Ukraine and Kazakhstan to move money.

Moreover and further down the road of traitors and treason and as it relates to Anbang Insurance, planning was occurring in New York that was seeking to leverage or use the hard drive material to “blackmail both sides (Rep. & Dem.)” of Congress. They intended to tell all Americans who it it that has been collaborating with the CCP.

Those hard drives, which contain no damaging evidence on President Trump and whereby it was stated specifically that he’s “never collaborated with the CCP,” ended up in Mr. Trump’s hands and they implicate Michael Bloomberg; one of the President’s most ardent opponents. Shocker.


Specifically, it is stated that the third hard drive, WHICH PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS, contains the details for the “BIO-WEAPON PLAN.”

Now think back to how Patrick Ho has recently reemerged alongside Rudy Giulaini and is positioned as central to all things: government, spying, banking, energy, China, the CCP, the Bidens, etc.

Everything comes to an end. Everything has an expiration date.

The President has the evidence to destroy all of it and I anticipate that happening soon; very soon.

With confidence – Everything comes to an end. Everything has an expiration date.


Here are the screen grabs with the full video below.

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