A PRAGMATIC AND GRANULAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW AND WHY COVID-19 FUNCTIONS AS A POLITICAL CONSTRUCT – Examining how the enemy operates by comparing COVID-19 to failed impeachment

(SIXTEENTH article in a series) Consider everything I’ve outlined in the previous 15 articles and here in this piece and then ask yourself this – How in the world did we end-up in a scenario where the planet is on lock-down, an historic Republican presidency (economy, populist approach, etc.) evaporated overnight and by means of a compulsory meeting on 13 Jan 17, the President is riding shotgun to two Globalists – one a long-timer circa Reagan and the other a long-tenured, Obama-appointed DSSG/MIC’er – running point on a global pandemic as none of us can leave our homes, go to work, go to school, visit our grandparents; and on the eve of one of the most historic and significant elections ever?

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