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In the aftermath of the leaked Seely letter and respective to the Iran/Iraq embassy construct and the developing story of National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, being placed on leave, does Sundance’s work identify said leaker? It’s not explicitly stated but it’s plausible.

H/T: Sundance at CTH just does what Sundance does, which is deliver the goods; and consistently. I have an enormous level of appreciation and respect for the both the work and the people there.

On that note, Sundance may have just given us a name for the Seely letter leaker. It could be PEEKER THE LEAKER.

For context, THIS outlines my assessment of how Trump should respond to Iran the day before he issued a press release addressing the same topic. THIS article is from 06 Jan 20 and outlines my suspicions of the Seely letter being leaked by an internal source in the broader context of my assessment of President Trump’s possible Iraq exit strategy. THIS is the White House press release detailing the President’s position on Iran, which was a near mirror image of what I proposed the night before. In a follow-up ARTICLE, I also outlined how my suspicions about the Seely letter being leaked were confirmed; at least for me.

In reading the CTH piece, Sundance ties National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, back to an Obama confidant in former General John Allen (Ret.); as well as the ideological underpinnings one would expect find in all of it.

Moreover, CTH also traced Peek’s history back to Iran and Iraq. Recall, the Seely letter was a DOD leak within the Iran/Iraq construct.

CTH also tied Peek back to… yeah, Hillary R. Clinton. Shocker.

So, what I’m suggesting is that there is a natural nexus on a multitude of fronts that makes Peek my best guess as the primary suspect for leaking the Seely letter. I can’t prove it, I don’t have the evidence and it’s simply. intuition. I’m simply demonstrating how it’s plausible. I’m also conceding that I could be wrong.

That said, there is also a considerable assumption here in that Peek’s position and access actually afforded him a means to possess the Seely letter so as to leak it. DC is swampy and I’m suggesting that is both plausible and highly likely.

Moreover, he’s currently under a national security investigation and on leave. Leaking sensitive documents intended for the President and other designated persons germane to a US embassy bombing in Iraq and implicating US/Iranian diplomacy most certainly qualifies as a national security matter and Peek most certainly was placed on leave for the same. It’s straight math for me…. perhaps straight moonshine.

My chips are on PEEKER THE LEAKER.

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