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Buckle-up – this is a long and substantial review of the impeachment construct examining prognostications against the status quo. Near the end of this, I’ll share some brief personal background information on me as an author and person so as to properly frame what is the grandest revelation in all of this – QAnon’s true identity.

To begin, let’s review:

  • 19 Dec 19: In THIS Gab post, we examined plausible strategy moving forward and considered options predicated on Speaker Pelosi continuing to hold and leverage the two AOI to exact pressure on the Senate so as to influence its trial rules. We also considered Speaker Pelosi’s option of censuring the President rather than impeaching him as that was an emerging narrative at the time. Ultimately, we gave credibility to the censure angle as a way for Pelosi to walk back a failed impeachment effort but now we know they’ve made good on such.

  • 26 Dec 19: In THIS Gab post, our intent was to share an item from CTH (linked therein) as it relates to the obvious push towards balancing self-preservation, which is on the other side of the fulcrum from institutional preservation (deeper explanation therein.) In this post, we stood firm on important points:

    1. “We are now 3+ years from the 2016 election and for lack of a better term, the ‘appeasement’ plan is in full effect. I essentially have and will continue to call it that and it includes what Q has to proffer.”
    2. “Endless federal reports and the MSM facilitate all of the outrage, gas-lighting and howler monkey antics that are part and parcel with political scandals such as the expansive one that has zeroed-in on the Trump Presidency. There’s not much else to it, though. When is the last time someone (whom matters) was indicted, arrested or even held fundamentally accountable following yet another report? Never? Yup. What about after another media revelation? Never? Yup.”
    3. “Expectations for a grand result continue to dwindle as 2019 nears an end and we continue to wait, as we always do.”
    4. “Trump will be reelected in a landslide of an historical election and he will continue MAGA’ing for another 4 years but that’s an entirely different endeavor than undoing the entire corrupt DC/global swamp. At this point, anyone thinking that something significant is going to happen some 3+ years down the line from Trump’s election and on a timeline that is undeniably and absolutely calibrated to the 2020 election, needs to revisit the reality of the contemporary geopolitical landscape.”
  • 26 Dec 19: In THIS Gab post, the primary impetus was to communicate a recent article from CTH (linked therein) establishing the existence of at least three ‘white hat’ operators of good within the FBI. Sundance identified their mechanism of leaving off-reservation evidence within the footnotes of reports emanating from the DOJ. In this post, we stood firm on these notions:
    1. Importantly, we identified the concept of actual traction v. perceived traction, which comports with the notion of the Barr/Durham effort being an exercise in institutional preservation that selectively shines light on criminality; but not in full-spectrum, thus countering the QAnon ‘Trust the Plan’ position.
    2. Related to the Barr/Durham effort as described, consider what Sundance offers in THIS article when he says, “Another New York Times report of James Comey under investigation for unscrupulous, potentially illegal, leaks surrounding the FBI Clinton investigation. However, a note of caution: is this simply chaff and countermeasures intended to keep the heat off corruption monitors Bill Barr and John Durham?” Sundance is absolutely on-point here and that’s important to remember.
    3. Related to the first two points – Barr/Durham and institutional preservation countermeasures – my post also offered this, “Here’s what I mean by that. Any intelligently designed system of corruption will include the ability to cover-up such systemic corruption internally. In Washington DC, the cover-up normally begins with the opening of an investigation whereby all of the evidence can be subsequently ‘Hoovered’ up and sealed away forever. In the interim, there’s a bunch of public brouhaha and gas-lighting but, as always, nothing ever happens save a little wrist- slapping and public embarrassment. It’s been that way for generations and it’s working that way right now.” That is an exact and precise description of the geopolitical status quo as I type this article in real time.
  • 29 Dec 19: In THIS Gab post, we established fundamental aspects of the impeachment process as it relates to the Senate. Consider these important concepts:
    1. “Here’s a basic assumption – Mitch McConnell is a creature of the swamp. Period. He follows orders and pleases his masters and little to none of that benefits the President’s administration or agenda. The only real similarities between the two camps center on their sharing of the ‘Republican’ moniker.”
    2. “Fundamentally, the President faces a political construct of illegality and corruption that preceded his acceptance of the nomination. They responsively impeached him to preserve themselves and the institutions. Now he’s forced to subject himself to a formal process brokered by others.”
    3. “Now, President Trump is on the verge of agreeing to an impeachment trial with no witnesses. If the ‘trust the plan’ folks are banking on the President’s enjoyment of due process to undo it all, this won’t be the avenue. This trial will actually prevent that. You can’t undo anything without calling for witness testimony. This is what McConnell is selling to Trump as his best bet. This is McConnell’s job. He’s balancing-out the other side of the same swamp.”
    4. “So then, allow me to ask this question. What are the chances that this apparent brokered agreement is a part of ‘the plan,’ but not the one proffered by QAnon, rather the one being precisely executed with great effectiveness by the Deep State? The recipe seems to be impeaching the president without impeaching him and having a trial without actually having a trial. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE PREDICATION AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.” Another way to state that is by asking this question – has the President unwittingly walked into a political trap with a rigged impeachment process created by these same miscreants?
    5. “Now factor in AG Bill Barr’s mostly hat/little cowboy approach to the blatant criminality of the last several years and arguably for all of Obama’s two terms. Where is he with the score board reading Impeachment: 1, Arrests/Indictments: 0? What about declassification?”
    6. “Consider McConnell’s own words, “If we go down in the witness path, we’re going to want the whistleblower. We’re going to want Hunter Biden… You can see here that this is the kind of mutual assured destruction episode that will go on for a long time.
    7. “Simply, McConnell is facilitating institutional preservation.”
  • 29 Dec 19: In THIS Gab post, we attempted to reconcile the concept of institutional preservation with Q#3774. Here are the relevant points:
    1. “As soon as I posted the item, Q made good on new drops. Conveniently, Q chimed-in on this precise point, which I’ve been making for a long while. What we are seeing is an effort in institutional preservation and people need to recognize that this is a very real, very formidable hurdle to clear before sunlight can reach the totality of Deep State criminality; assuming that ever happens.”
    2. “There are two distinct camps with two distinct agendas and overlaps from both sides and in both directions. That’s the nature of such a highly entangled swamp.”
    3. “On the one side, we have criminally complicit politicians functioning by all means to preserve themselves and for criminality predating by years Trump’s arrival. On the other side, we have similar others but their objective is to preserve the institutions; not themselves. Those two objectives are mutually destructive to one another and therefore, the likely outcome is somewhere in the middle (messy!) This is where ‘trust the plan’ folks will likely become disappointed.”
    4. “Essentially, it’s Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, et al. v. Barr, Durham, et al. Where it gets complicated is when those seeking self-preservation also seek institutional preservation and vice versa. For the institutions to stand, there must be legitimate legal traction and that involves prosecuting co-conspirators who are seeking self-preservation through the same process. As I said, those objectives are mutually exclusive. These are the rules. This is the chosen playing ground. It will be interesting.”
    5. “McConnell is no friend to the President, rather he’s a creature of and beholden to the Swamp (and his masters.) He’s working to compel the President to participate in a process that may benefit him and his administration in getting out from behind the cross-hairs, but that’s an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT endeavor than functioning to undo the entire corrupt DC swamp, of which he AND BARR are a part. Mitch is bringing the insanity into balance by offsetting what his contemporaries on the Left have delivered to him. He’s the Deep State’s closer, here.”
  • 11 Jan 20: In this full ARTICLE, we considered a number of relevant aspects in the President’s impeachment:
    1. “Thanks to all things Iran, the balance of the ongoing coup d’etat seems to have faded further into the backdrop. Is that by design? Was the Iran construct fabricated to steer the national narrative away from the illegal underpinnings of the ongoing coup d’etat facing President Trump? Is there a reason it’s happening at this very critical time on the overall timeline? The implication here is an old one – that everything is calibrated to the 2020 election cycle. Is that why the Iran construct is happening now? Is it because that on that timeline, the actual aspects of preserving the institutions are now upon us as the DSSG advises us that there’s nothing to see here, rather, “Iran, Iran, Iran!”?”
    2. “Here is the plausible angle to help piece together Iran and the Barr/Durham institutional preservation effort. Consider that another potential Middle Eastern conflict, regional war or perhaps even global war, is an exceptionally effective distraction that is capable of shifting an entire nation’s lens of focus because it’s antithetical to and contradicts the President’s 2016 and 2020 campaign platforms; it deeply tugs on the heartstrings of war-weary Americans (emotional compromise is an important component to propaganda and population control – see the article commenting on ‘FALSE FLAGS‘); it creates portals for the DSSG to further undermine the Trump Administration in the headlines; and it presents avenues to entangle the Iran matter with the balance of the other coup components thus making for a very dynamic, fluid and manipulable scenario. As importantly, it represents 360-degree, asymmetrical political warfare with seemingly countless war fronts. These duplicitous Democrats know what precisely they’re doing.”
    3. “With all of this in mind, we owe to it to ourselves to examine the evidence, which continues to stack-up demonstrating that the Barr/Durham effort is an exercise in institutional preservation. This stands directly counter to the QAnon ‘Trust the Plan’ position in most respects because that outcome is rooted in defeating the full scope of self-preservation, meaning exposing and prosecuting most everyone who deserves it.”
    4. “Consider: a)We still don’t have Rosenstein’s SCOPE MEMOS b) The DOJ declined to prosecute James Comey c) Pelosi is sending the ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT to the Senate next week d) To-date, no high-value political targets have been indicted or arrested e) To-date, some of those high-value political targets are either running or planning to run (with a late entry) for President of the United States and with apparent state-sanctioned impunity f) The entirety of the HUBER INVESTIGATION was a fallacy and a head fake (after having lost the Clinton Foundation evidence 3 times. BTW, how exactly does someone lose a planeload of evidence? Much less 3 times?) g) The FBI redressed FISA abuses at by creating a training video h) The defrauded FISA court appointed an Obama-era National Security adviser to review the FBI’s reform efforts and i) The DOJ is pursuing a harsher sentence for General Michael Flynn.
    5. In this article, the concept of appeasement was also discussed; especially as it relates to the entirety of the ongoing coup d’etat and the President’s efforts to fight back, which is as all being calibrated to the 2020 election cycle as I’ve long contended. The appeasement argument was also extended to and considered for the QAnon phenomenon. Consider, “‘Wait.’ That’s an important word. It’s also what we’ve done since the 08 Nov 16 election and before President Trump was inaugurated on 20 Jan 17, which is when the Left first started calling for his impeachment. Those articles go to the Senate next week. ‘Wait’ is also a significant and critical component of something called APPEASEMENT: “to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles.” By pacifying such groups with misinformation, the thirst for fidelity to the rule of law is essentially quenched. The desire to see the rule of law enforced is exchanged for a grander promise in the future. When this happens, such groups willingly stand-down and wait. Now ask yourself how many times you’ve been told to wait for the next OIG report, which always results in something fruitless. Or, to wait for the next investigative summary findings, which turned-out to be a head fake. Or _______________ . There have been many instances of waiting. We’ve been waiting for over 3 years at this point, which is why we can say unequivocally that everything is calibrated to the election cycle. I often question whether or not the QAnon/’Trust the Plan’ scenario is an exercise in appeasement. Frankly, I can make that argument from both sides of Q – Q being authentic and Q being inauthentic. Enigma status is certainly appropriate for Q. Despite the fabric of Q having been able to prognosticate a considerable number of events and confirm them; in addition to presenting a body of verifiable facts, there is still room to question it all. Just as there is reason to have faith in it all.” As pessimistic as that sounds, I concluded with a U-turn leaving the door open for QAnon to be a legitimate entity.
  • 16 Jan 20: In THIS TGP article, Rand Paul assumed the same basic institutional preservation premise I’ve been continually outlining as important for people to understand. Here, Paul states, ““I’ll tell you what my fear is, some Republicans are going to vote for witnesses, and we’ll get those — the ones that Democrats want. Then when we have the votes on bringing witnesses, or letting the president choose his witnesses — I think those will fail. Not only because of those Republicans, but because a whole variety of Republicans may not allow the whistleblower, may not allow Biden for one reason or another, because they served with him.”
  • 17 Jan 20: In THIS CTH item, Sundance introduces an interview with Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX who outlines the same swampy institutional preservation that’s concerned us since the beginning.

That brings us to today – Saturday, 18 Jan 20 – whereby the President has been formally impeached by the House of Representatives and the Senate trial is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Not surprisingly, the Senate trial will open against the backdrop of the Democrats (and the DSSG) promising to make impeachment a permanent, ongoing process; much like the current ongoing coup d’etat (two peas in the same pod, I suppose.) The overriding principle here is a fundamental one – the Democrats and the DSSG simply will not stop their efforts to undo the 2016 election and remove a duly elected President of the United States UNTIL THEY ARE MADE TO STOP. That single notion speaks directly to the QAnon revelation I’ll make in the conclusion and it supports the justification for QAnon existing as an authentic entity. The time to compel Democrats and the DSSG to stop must soon be upon us and as we consider that, let’s ask some basic questions:

  1. What is the basic mechanism to introduce exculpatory evidence as your affirmative defense to mitigate baseless charges against you? Answer – the discovery process.
  2. What is the context of discovery and how do make such evidence consumable for the general public? A trial.
  3. What is the grandest setting for any trial? An impeachment hearing in the Senate.
  4. Is it possible that the President’s plan to defend himself has always included allowing the Democrats and the DSSG to fully extend themselves beyond reproach (I’ve long contended that exact point – never reel your net in unless it’s been cast far, wide and deep and it’s been allowed to soak for a very long time)?
  5. Would that mean the President would have to tolerate everything he’s tolerated thus far prior to being subjected to formal impeachment?
  6. Does that mean that the ONLY way for the President to present his affirmative defense in an effectual way; a way that would be catastrophically devastating to his opponents, would be to actually embrace being impeached?
  7. Does this mean that the President either intended or planned to be impeached all along and therefore, he calibrated his strategy to make impeachment a strength for himself; not a weakness? Well, it sure looks like a very Trumpian maneuver. Recall, the Left (DSSG) were calling for his impeachment before he was even inaugurated. Perhaps the President saw the path of MOST resistance as his best bet to upend it all and therefore has been counting on and planning to be impeached all along. The totality of the Q fabric suggests this. That will be important to remember.

I know what you’re thinking, “Make your mind up already, Moonshine.” I’ve moved my position in both directions over time and although that appears to demonstrate a lack of firmness on claimed positions, I always allow new evidence to move my positions and change my opinions. I don’t know how else to do it.

So, let’s get to it.

Last night, I received sourced information that changes everything and provides a completely new lens through which to view the QAnon phenomenon. The revelation doesn’t get any grander. More on that in a moment. For now, let’s distill this all down to fundamental components:

  1. There are two dynamics that are in-veined and greatly entangled but deserve to be considered independently – the President’s affirmative defense in his impeachment trial (that’s the new reality) v. the self-preservation/institutional preservation/’drain the swamp’ construct that I would characterize as the ‘trust the plan’ position.
  2. As I continue to argue, the impeachment trial in the Senate will strike a balance between those two dynamics thus preventing any full-spectrum shining of light upon the truth. Simply, that’s what all of the evidence depicts.
  3. In order to present an effective affirmative defense, the President’s counsel will have to tug on threads that yank on both sides of self-preservation and institutional preservation. It is McConnell’s responsibility must manage, navigate and finesse those aspects for his masters and per their wishes as he oversees the impeachment trial in the Senate. That construct is unavoidable because that’s the reality of it all.
  4. Barr/Durham will be selective in where sunlight shines and where it does not because they are both vested in institutional preservation and sitting on that side of the political fulcrum.
  5. On the other side of the fulcrum, those criminally complicit will continue to fight for self-preservation by exacting influence on the impeachment rules and process; by rigging witness rules; etc. It’s important to note that “traitors are everywhere.” Specifically, consider RINOs the likes of Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Sasse and their ilk as those DSSG-owned Senators are snakes waiting in the grass to please their DSSG masters. They deserve extremely close scrutiny even though it is expected that the impeachment effort will fall short of the required number of votes with the President being acquitted.
  6. The President still holds one significant Ace in his hand – declassification – but he’s ceded that authority to AG William Barr. So, unless that dynamic changes or Barr eventually follows orders on what to declassify and when to declassify it, consider declassification as tainted by the institutional preservation aspect.
  7. With all of this in mind, here are plausible outcomes: a) MOST LIKELY – the President is acquitted in the Senate trial while the institutions are preserved and he cruises to an historic, MAGAing landslide victory in 2020 b) LEAST LIKELY – the President is convicted, removed from office and the DSSG ascends back into full control on behalf of the Globalists, et al. c) the QAnon phenomenon is a very real thing and the result of the President’s impeachment may be the SINGLE MOST MAGNIFICENT EXAMPLE OF A POLITICAL BOOMERANG IN HISTORY… just as planned.

That brings us to this point. With great confidence, I can tell you that last night, I received information that changes EVERYTHING. It’s changed everything to the point that I’m internally conflicted regarding what the evidence has shown thus far (many of my long contended positions) against the information provided in this single, grandest revelation and the direction in which that single revelation points us.

Before I go further, I’ll tell you this and I’ve said it several times before. First, my reading and research dates back to the late ’90s whereby it escalated greatly in the aftermath of 9/11. For me, it was a continual and growing push in my search for the truth about important matters.

At the time, I was a bona fide straight-ballot voting Republican who slurped the MSM Kool-Aid right along with the rest of society. It was actually a close friend, who at the time was a devout Socialist and ultra liberal, who encouraged me to divorce from the MSM and pursue a course of independent research and fact finding. That was shortly after 9/11. Since that time, I’ve progressed to someone who cares enough to write and share informed thoughts with others. All of that is relatively brand new and my reach is minuscule as compared to others.

It’s extremely important to note that I’m nothing more than a regular dude with a regular job who enjoys reading and writing about politics. That said, I’ve been really lucky in the quality of people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet along the way. Since before the 2016 election, I was a long time lurker on Reddit who then began to post on Reddit and then Gab, which I only opened to follow and correspond with independent researcher Neon Revolt; more on him in a minute.

Please know this – as it relates to what I’m about ready to tell you, I can only say that in my nearly 50 years on this planet, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some incredibly interesting people. It’s amazing how individuals can connect simply by having a mutual interest in important matters and then taking the extra step of engaging on those matters with friends and acquaintances; only to be introduced to similar and like-minded others.

Personally and on an unrelated note, my parents were best friends with another couple during my childhood and I was great friends with their kids. Their dad was a USSS agent who served on executive details for Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr. He walked in and out of the White House at will as a part of his regular employment. He knocked the gun from Squeak Fromm’s hand when she attempted to assassinate Ford. He’s in all of the Reagan/Hinkley assassination footage. Suffice it to say, I got on board early in politics. Going into his home office was like stepping into a museum – the wall was littered with framed photographs of him guarding the president and those photos all had handwritten ‘thank yous’ from every one of those US presidents. My parent’s also have a pen given to them by him that was used by President Nixon to sign a piece of legislation – our family line merges with Nixon’s and we’re related as removed cousins.

Like I said, I’ve been blessed to meet incredibly interesting people in my life and that includes my source here, to whom I was introduced by a mutual friend with whom I often talk politics.

So, let’s get to it. My source – my friend – whom I must appropriately label a source for these purposes, links directly to the President’s counsel. They run in the same social circles and converse candidly about matters; including the President’s impeachment and the QAnon phenomenon. That’s all I’ll say.

Here’s where Neon Revolt comes into play. It’s important to note that I detest most aspects of modern society and the way people act and treat each other these days. That said, I don’t have any social media accounts as an individual – I ditched all of that stuff years ago and even then, it was only Facebook and only to stay in touch with friends and family.

When I first met my source, it was well over a year ago; let’s call it mid-2018. At that time, POLITICAL MOONSHINE didn’t exist nor did the previous nom de plume effort. All of that began Christmas morning of 2018 when I decided to join the ranks of Neon Revolt and start putting my own thoughts out there for others to consider.

At that time, I was still the long time lurker who was posting on Reddit and Gab under a yet another different handle so as to remain anonymous. I had established a decent working relationship with Neon Revolt and would share my work with him, discuss matters in private messaging, etc. In Neon’s defense and as it relates to what I write below, he has a slew of followers and I’m sure he’s inundated with people reaching-out and looking to connect. To his credit, that’s important to remember.

So, when I received initial revelations from my source around mid-2018, I reached out to Neon Revolt to ask him if he wanted the information for the purpose of publishing it in an appropriate manner. I contacted him twice and never heard back. My only goal was to get the information out there but like I said, I was just a regular guy with no website, no identity, no nom de plume, no audience, no nothing. Just a lot of reading, reasearch and thoughts. Quite frankly and honestly, that’s also about where I am right now. But, I was shocked not to hear back from Neon. I couldn’t imagine he didn’t want this information but he didn’t and so I didn’t provide it.

Shortly thereafter, I began my own efforts and that’s were we are today. At the moment, I suppose I’m a bit estranged from Neon Revolt as he doesn’t engage with me and I’m not sure why other than his annoyance with my persistent Keystone angle. That’s fine. I wish him well and I’m glad he’s experienced the successes (website, following, book, etc.) he has. Neon, if you are choosing to read this, my door is always open for you.

Since Neon’s declination, I’ve been sitting on direct information about the President for over a year and mainly because I didn’t have the capacity to put it out in an effective manner. Last night the information I’ve been sitting on was updated in the grandest of fashions.

Whereas previously, my source had brushed-up against the QAnon phenomenon with the President’s counsel, there was no clear, actual or direct confirmation as to Q’s existence or the veracity of QAnon at all. That all changed yesterday.

Last night, my source, who is one person removed from the President and directly associated with his counsel, provided me two incredible and BOMBSHELL pieces of information and he did so in person: a) the question of QAnon’s existence and identity was posed to an affiliate of the President and b) that question was DIRECTLY ANSWERED.

As I stand here today, I can tell you in unequivocal terms that I believe I know the true identity of QAnon as it’s been relayed to me. Here is where you will get frustrated, though, and that’s assuming you’re not already automatically calling ‘bullshit’ on this and laughing out loud. For the record, I’d be inclined to call ‘bullshit’ on this, too, had I not been the recipient of it and had I not known the quality, character, intelligence and background of my source. Remember, I’m just a regular dude who happens to know folks that revolve in social circles beyond my regular guy status and regular guy pay grade.

Back to your likely frustration with me – I’m not going to share this revelation at the moment because I’m uncertain as to whether it’s a good idea. I actually believe that sharing it now may be detrimental to the greater cause and that cause is where my interests rest.

Here is where you will either continue to be frustrated by me or you will be elated. Despite my insisting on the institutional preservation angle ad nauseam and as the evidence clearly demonstrates, the actual identity of QAnon stands to plausibly and effectively put that notion entirely to rest. The outcome is that the ‘trust the plan’ folks just might get exactly what they’ve been waiting for and which I’ve been actually warning against.

I know that I’m contradicting myself but I’m trying to reconcile the factual evidence on hand with the promise that Q’s actual identity may have the capacity to significantly alter future events. Remember, regular dudes aren’t necessarily good at predicting the future so I hope you’ll extend me some flexibility and understanding here.

So, for those of you clutching the QAnon fabric (everything posited thus far) like the Holy Bible itself, KEEP HOLDING OUT HOPE! It’s reasonable to expect that you may see something akin to what we’ve all been hoping for.

In the interim, here’s what I’ve done. I’ve memorialized QAnon’s actual identity with a document that is positioned next to a webpage showing the current date and time (just type “time” into Google’s search bar to see what I’m talking about and then imagine a text document aligned next to it.) I then took a screenshot of those two pages that includes a second date and timestamp (18 Jan 20 @ 1248.) Moreover, there is one member of the Gab community with whom I have privately shared all of this information sans the actual identity detail and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

When the appropriate time comes, I’ll ask this person to verify everything I’m telling you right now. I’ll also publicly post the document with Q’s real identity. Moreover, if I can convince my friend – my source – to write a piece explaining his perspective, I will. It will serve as the eventual revelation. That’s unlikely, though, as it’s already been previously offered and dismissed.

I know that critics and skeptics are going to come out of the woodwork on this – I fully expect that. That’s fine. That’s how all of this works. But just remember – I don’t have any chips in the pot and I’m certainly not holding any cards. I’m just a regular dude who happens to know people higher up on the totem pole than I. More importantly, I also care enough to share with all of you what was shared with me. For now though, I hope you appreciate why I’m reluctant to make this revelation public.

To close – don’t lose hope. What I’ve learned changes everything.

Although the window for real results is closing and fast, the true identity of QAnon has the capacity to significantly and historically alter EVERYTHING including future events and an outcome that may resemble draining the swamp.

At an appropriate time, I will share what was told to me to be QAnon’s actual identity.