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Posts published in “Day: January 3, 2020

NEXT PHASE OF THE ONGOING COUP D’ETAT – Narrative: using Iran to remove POTUS with the 25th

“Our world has been set on edge by an erratic, unstable, and dangerously incompetent commander in chief. The stakes could not be higher. Every day that Donald Trump directs American national security is a dangerous day for the United States and the world.” - Joe Biden

DEVELOPMENTS & CONFIRMATIONS IN IRAN – MOVES AND COUNTERMOVES! – POTUS Authority for strikes dates back to April 8, 2019

TWICE UPDATED WITH HUGE CONFIRMATIONS: Moves and countermoves! In a way, you could argue that the Trump Administration’s assassination of Iran’s most senior military official is old news. At the least, it was foreshadowed. Here’s how.